Year of Running 2013

Amanda from the blog Miss Zippy (@MissZippy1 on Twitter) is doing a blog linkup for the third year in a row, recapping the year of running, and even though my running hasn’t been that exciting or happening this year I thought I would join in. So here goes (pretty much nothing):

Best race experience?

I didn’t do a single race during 2013! Scandalous, I know. But I’m still a runner, enjoy every second of it and am aiming to make 2014 the best racing year. Ever. 

A First

Best run?

I’ve had so so many wonderful runs this year, I really had to think about this for a while. When it all comes down to it, one of the very best runs this year was the first run I did after my injury this spring. That first run was very short, somewhat painful and all that – but the feeling I had being back out running was just amazing! So amazing I even shed some tears coming back home. Some of my other amazing runs were the ones I got in during our massive water system failure (you know, when I could have a proper shower at home for… months!), starting/ending at a beach park to be able to use the (very cold) public shower post run and of course; my trail runs.


Best new piece of gear?

My SKORA running shoes, without doubt. These shoes entering my life and with that, me transitioning to zero drop, changed so much for me with my running. I healed up my annoying Plantar Fasciiatis, I worked on my running form and strength and just worked my way to a more efficient and enjoyable way of running. The SKORA’s will be with me for a long long while and I am so happy I took the leap to zero drop with them! I kind of have to mention the shorts with capital S – Oiselle Roga Short (I wear them on the photo below, and on 90% of my runs). Whenever I put these shorts on, my confidence is on top and I feel like I can conquer the world – both running and in everyday life. Love in the shape of running apparel!

Oiselle Roga Short

Best piece of running advice you received?

It might not have been an advice as much as a realization, but what defines this year of running for me is HEART. I turned to my heart and my passion over and over again this year and it taught me that as long as I keep my heart with me, not rushing away from the “soul of running”, I will get through anything.


Most inspirational runner?

Runner? Let us make that runnerS, because there is no way I can name just one as most inspirational this year. During 2013 my twitter running buddies have played a huge part in my life. Getting through that injury period? Wouldn’t have been nearly as “easy” (it wasn’t easy anyways, but way better than it could’ve been) without support from running friends online. Going through periods where life just gave me hardships and the running was suffering because of it would have been pure misery if it wasn’t for motivation, smiles and love from followers here and on Twitter. Every single one of you who are following me here and/or on twitter – you are GOLDEN! Following your challenges and accomplishments is so inspiring, and I am very thankful for all the love/support/smiles you share with the world (and me). If I started mentioning every single one of the people who has inspired/motivated me during 2013 I’d be sitting here at Starbucks for a long long time…

If you could sum up your year of running in a couple of words, what would they be?


I may not

Join in pretty please, share your “year of running 2013” with us!

Use the questions Amanda has provided us with, answer them in a blogpost and head on over to her blogpost, leave your link and take the time to visit some of the many blog who have participated in #yearofrunning2013. 

If you don’t have a blog, feel free to share whatever you feel like sharing about your year here in the comments.


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