With Running Comes Needs/Cravings

When I started running I thought that running was a cheap sport, in my mind all I needed was a pair of trainers and some clothes to cover up my body/stay warm..

It turns out I was wrong.

Not saying that running HAVE to be an expensive sport, but I sure realized that I needed to buy some new stuff, and that happened fast.. From late May (after running for approx. 3 weeks) I started adding gear, clothes and accessories. Here’s a brief history on how me and my running became a not-so-cheap-story..


The shoes I had been running in was too big and more of a hiking shoe than a running shoe so when I moved to the US  in early June (yeah, you’ve probably noticed that English isn’t my first language by now?) I hit the Nike Outlet up and got myself a pair of shoes. Happy as could be I started running with the new pair of shoes 5 times/week and as the number of K/run raised I started getting an awful pain in my knees. PLUS blisters on my toes. Being the way I am,  I didn’t want to confess that the running shoes I just got probably wasn’t a good buy.. So I kept on going for a month or two, having to spend at least three days/week walking like an old lady and crying myself to sleep because of my knees.

Until one day, when my better half, without letting me know where we were heading, took me to Sports Authority to buy new shoes. He dropped me off with money in my pocket and the words “Stay the whole day if you have to and spend as much money as you want to, but DO NOT leave the store without a pair of running shoes that fits your feet and will work well for you in the future”. So there I was, lost in the running shoe section of the store just looking around. A sweet man soon realized that I was a bit lost and started helping me to find well cushioned shoes that would support my high arch. I think I tried 10 different shoes on and I really did take my time walking around in the store trying to figure out if the shoes would do the trick. Until that day I was convinced that I would always use a pair of Nike+ shoes but I actually decided to go with Asics for the amazing feel of the shoes. With a pair of light, yet cushiony, and bright colored (OK, mostly black) Asics Gel-Neo33 I walked out of the store smiling. I couldn’t wait to get home and go out running to try my new buddies out!

My friends Asics, Under Armour and Mons Royale.


As I was about to leave my old home to go to Seattle, WA, I decided to find a new pair of running tights – the ones I had been using was from H&M and didn’t fit well at all which lead to me being very uncomfortable and having to adjust the pants all the time. I had already at that time started to loose weight and was definitely enjoying trying A BUNCH of different tights on. In smaller sizes than I’d ever thought I’d be sporting. My biggest concern was the prices though – I just didn’t like the fact that all super comfortable tights was so expensive and it took me a few days of wandering around in stores to decide that it was actually worth spending $50+ on a pair of pants only for running. But yeah, I did. And boy have those tights served me well! Well, at least until I moved to Hawaii and tights just didn’t work anymore – WAY to warm! So then to the next buy..

Shorts. I actually, at this point, had left the whole money deal behind (probably because I knew that I was actually going to continue with the running as I got more and more into it and didn’t fear I was going to get tired of it and quit) and just went out there to get a pair. I ended up getting a pair of Under Armour in bright colors and they are great!

And then to the tops.. I started out running in spring waaay out north. It was definitely a layer-up temperature out there and I had a merino wool top (speaking of merino – I have to tell you about the great stuff from Mons Royale.. Great for hiking, running, skiing and so on) that I used under a thin thermo shirt and a light rain jacket. As I got to Seattle spring was becoming summer and I was sweating like crazy as I started going further and further with my runs. So I panicked and ran into a Target to buy a top. Or two. And now I’m actually pretty well prepared for runs when it comes to clothes.. Even if it would be great with some extra shorts and tops and… Yeah, I guess there’s just never an end to my cravings when it comes to running gear.


Yeah, and as I stopped running with a light jacked with a pocket I needed an armband to keep the iPhone in… So I got one of those. And running where I live there’s uhm… A lot of dogs and weirdos out and about so I had to get a Hot Pink Mace. And then of course – the greatest “accessory” of them all – the Garmin Forerunner 405CX! And a foam roller, which I read about when I was having a lot of problems with my knees.. And.. Yeah, you know the drill!

So here I am, many $$$ later, and I still have things on my to-get-list. But I’m thinking that it has to wait. At least a month or so more…

Q: Have you spent a lot of money on your running gear? What’s your go-to brands for shoes/clothes? Are you like me, constantly finding new stuff (through Twitter, magazines or blogs) that you want to try out?