Where Am I?

Where am I?

I’ve shared that we’ve moved up to Alaska from Seattle, WA, but I haven’t shared many details about our life here (except the huge amount of nature photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – guilty as charged). But where am I? And WHY?!

Husband has worked in tourism for the last 10+ years and this summer he’s managing a tour up here in Alaska. When he got this job offer we didn’t hesitate – we were ready for a change, he was ready to work and Alaska is close to our hearts so.. Why not?!

Remote work

Fact: Sometimes this is what my office looks like.

I am still working full time remotely, and I have a small “office” set up in the guide bunkhouse a few minutes walk away (2min through the forest, 5ish minutes if I decide to take the “long” way on the gravel road). I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to bring work with me so I get to stay with the husband here in Alaska! So yeah, everything kind of worked itself out perfectly when husband got this job offer and we decided to go for it.

Where am I? Healy, AK

We reside in a cabin (cottage?) outside Healy, AK and we are absolutely loving it here (surprise?!). You can see it in front of you now, right? All gorgeous new and with ALL the amenities? Nah, that’s not really how we roll. You see, the cabin doesn’t have running water and we have a real outhouse for a toilet. We have to walk a few minutes through the forest to have a hot shower, we borrow a truck to haul big jugs full of water for drinking, doing dishes or cleaning ourselves up and we drive our trash away because no trash man will drive up our rugged driveway! As if that is not enough, Healy doesn’t offer much for groceries, so we grocery shop every 2-3 weeks when we can catch a ride to Fairbanks (about 2 hours drive away) to visit Fred Meyer up there.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (or if we’re Facebook friends for that matter), you might already have realized that this.. This is my “paradise”!

Pure Bliss

We will be staying up here through the “summer season” (which ends in September-October sometime, long after the summer is actually over up here) and after that we will go somewhere else.. I know, super vague, but for now we actually don’t have any plans set. We might go back to WA, we might end up somewhere else – only time will tell (and we love it)!

I know for a fact that this season will pass way faster than I want it to, and I am doing my very best to savior my time up here! One thing I’ve promised myself is to not sit around and wait for things to happen, I am going to MAKE THEM HAPPEN for myself!

Jeep Tour

That is one of the reason I jumped on the opportunity to go on a jeep tour last weekend by myself instead of waiting to have company with me. With husband working in the tourism industry I’ve learned (the hard way, by spending A LOT of time alone waiting for him to be around) that it’s really hard to actually get time to spend together, he is working ALL those days when everyone else is off because he’s making sure that people can spend their days off doing FUN things.. And with seasonal work, it tends to be even more intense with long days, few days off and just a lot of hard work, and so much play. Life, Here & Now

So yeah, I’m going for it this time around! Not waiting around for better days to do stuff, just embracing the time I get up here and doing my thing.