A Week In Photos

Since my brain is crazy obsessed with Swedish as of lately (must be my upcoming trip haunting my Wernicke’s area) my blogging is going slow. I have a few fun posts (reviews, giveaways and running!) in the works, but since most of you don’t understand Swedish I will do my best to actually write them in English before I post them. I thought I would give you a little photo update on what’s been going on here lately..

Beach Time GladSoles

Last Saturday, while I was enjoying some quiet beach time I suddenly got a phone call from C (the husband) – we were leaving for a mini-vacation in Kona that same night! I got stressed, did a load of laundry, packed and off we went.

Blurry View of Alii

We got to Kona and checked in at our hotel late and I tried to capture the beautiful city lights, but it didn’t work that well. I was just too hungry to even try again.

Pizza and Booch

And because I was starving and I had read about this pizza place (Get Sum) who had VEGAN CHEESE, I of course had to drag C over there. It was totally worth it! I had a “Loaded Veggie” and devoured it way too fast to have a chance to capture a picture of the goodness because… Um, I love pizza. We also had kombucha from a local company – Orange/Mango/Spirulina booch for the win!

Evolution Bakery

The next morning I woke up early (as always) and went out to get us coffee while husband was still sleeping. I went to the same place as the night before – but this time it of day was called Evolution Bakery & Cafe! They are a bakery/café in daytime and turn into a pizza place at night. They have a great menu with many gluten free and vegan options and they are just amazing! Loved the people, the atmosphere, the pizza and the COFFEE (with almond milk!). Getting back to the hotel with the coffee C was still sleeping and I was ready to GO, so I got him up and we got going with the day. Mostly work, but also some relaxing good times. No photos?!


We decided to have an early dinner and spend the night at the hotel watching the sunset and so on. But to be honest, getting dinner that will please both of us with very different diets can be tough. I had scoped out some healthy vegan places but my husband wanted “real food” (yes, he enjoys meat and that stuff) so we walked up and down Alii Drive to find a place that had at least ONE good dinner salad for me. And yay! We found it! I had a spinach salad with strawberries, macadamia nuts and feta. Well, I subbed feta with avocado. DUH! The salad was great, filling and had a wonderful strawberry vinaigrette! I left the restaurant happy, so did my husband (he got his “real food”)!

Phase Sunset

My husband enjoyed a cocktail at the hotel bar and then we (I) caught the sunset on the balcony (while husband was working). Look at that sunset, and those SKORA Phases! Beautiful. Monday was the last day of our mini work/vacation weekend in Kona. We got some work done, hung out by the ocean (I opted against a hot dog leg photo), did a little bit of shopping and had some nice food before driving back home to Hilo.

Saddle Rd

Monday night when we were back in Hilo my husband realized he had lost his wallet during our last hours in Kona. Luckily the last place we went to was, of course, Starbucks. As he called them Tuesday morning they could happily report that a friendly soul had found the wallet at the parking lot and taken it in to them. Soooo, Tuesday night after work we drove all the way across the island to pick up that wallet. Hurray for all my husband’s money and cards still being in the wallet. Photo is a view from the car (it’s very hard to get great photos while the car is going 55mi/hour), driving down Saddle Rd. This area is one of my favorite places on the island – so soft, so pretty, such amazing views!

Happy Pants at the "Office"

Tuesday was also a day when I felt genuinely happy to be back “home”. I cuddled up at my “office” for the day (the bed), with the cat by my side and work to get done on the computer. And yeah, how can I not be happy with such amazing pants?!

The rest of the week has consisted of things like running, strength work, yoga, cleaning, walks, and homesickness:

View from my "hood".

View from my “hood”.


My husband knows me oh so well. I love whales and I'm proudly sporting them on me.

My husband knows me oh so well. I love whales and I’m happily sporting them on a t-shirt.

Never a lonely moment when I do yoga at home. <3

Never a lonely moment when I do yoga at home. <3

Did I ever mention that I love smoothies?

Did I ever mention that I love smoothies?

My baby brother turned 16 Thursday. Here he is goofing around at the University Design Lab - working on customization of a skateboard. I adore him.

My baby brother turned 16 Thursday. Here he is goofing around at the University Design Lab – working on customization of a skateboard. I adore him.

Just a little bit of Hilo, when it's at its best.

Just a little bit of Hilo, when it’s at its best.

One of my favorite snacks. Evvah! Bearded Brothers.


Lilioukalani Garden. A piece of heaven come rain or shine.

Not a proper week without at least ONE running photo? I just don’t remember to bring the phone along out running lately. Better change that!

Love me some avocado sandwiches. Surprise?!

Love me some avocado sandwiches. Surprise?!

That’s about how exciting it gets for now.


How was your week? 

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