Ways to Boost Your Running Motivation

If you’ve lost your running mojo and don’t have time to get it back by giving yourself time to listen to your heart like I’ve been doing in the past. Don’t worry! There are other, probably more common, ways to do it and I know they’ve worked for myself and many other runners out there, so here you go – a few ways to boost your running motivation, and get back to feeling focused and hopefully even be running and smiling at the same time?!

So pumped to race! Eh, or just nervous. But we runners sure do love to race!

1. Register for a race

Most runners do races, right? Some do races more frequently,  some runners do them a few times a year. Some of us do them to compete and/or chase that glorious PR and some of us do them for the fun of it. But I’m sure, whatever your reason is to do these races, we all get motivated to go out and run x times per week because we have a finish line in front of us, a timeframe in which we move towards that finish line and do our best to know that when race day comes we will be ready to GO!

Registering for a race gives us a reason to put in that time and effort to get our miles in. A training plan might scare some runners, but it also adds structure to the training which can help to get going and picking up some extra motivation on the way.

.75mi left to the park.

2. New running routes

Running the same route over and over again can get boring and might stop being challenging. I’ve definitely been through it! A new route gives new challenges, maybe even a new hill to power up/cruise down or a lake to admire?

3. Join a running club/group

Are you running alone? I do. All the time! And sometimes I really wish I had some running buddies around to motivate me to get out running or to push me through a hard/long run when all I want to do is give up. We all know how freaking strong that mind can be, when it decides it’s time to “give up”… I know that if I had someone running besides me I’d probably be too busy keeping the pace up and/or chatting away I probably wouldn’t even have time to listen to that darn voice trying to tell me to give up and go home. Another great thing with having running buddies and/or a running group to run with is that they will hold you accountable.

I’ve found a great running community online. I’ve mentioned it before, but I will happily say it again – my followers here, on Facebook and on Twitter are keeping me focused, happy and inspired daily. So thank YOU!

4. New gear

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only runner who has a list (pinned, mental or written down somewhere) of things they desperately need (or maybe simply just WANT?), am I right? Treating yourself (or giving a family member a hint maybe?) to a new pair of shorts, some new bright colored compression socks or whatever you might fancy could actually add some excitement to the running. I’ve done it myself.. Opened a package with a few new pieces of Oiselle apparel a while ago made me jump for joy and head out for a run.

5. Work with a running coach

Do you have a running coach? If you do, make sure to have an open dialogue with your coach to let him/her know what’s up. We all have dips when it comes to motivation, physical or mental strength etc, and it could be worth it rearranging your schedule/training plan a bit to give room for some recharging of the running “batteries”. If you don’t have a coach then maybe hiring one might be a way to get some structure and help on the way to those goals of yours? Sometimes it can be hard staying motivated following an off-the-internet generic training plan or trying to figure out how to reach your goals on your own. Having a coach around will add structure to your training, ideas for workouts (both running, strength and stretches) and it will likely also add some accountability.


Did you ever suffer from lost running mojo?

Did any of the above mentioned things work for you to boost your running motivation or did you find another way to get back on track?