“Vegan Challenge” Update + Barnana Winner

It’s been a whole long month since I gave up everything but plant based food to jump on a week long Vegan Challenge. Just like I expected the week turned into an extended non time framed period. I’m not planning on going back to my old diet. What?! No cheese, no bacon, no ice cream etc! Yeah, I’m totally fine with it. Even HAPPY about it!

My new diet (I really dislike using that word, because I’m definitely not dieting) makes me happy. I eat a lot of fresh vegetables, grains, beans and fruits. I enjoy a nutritious smoothie every morning (always including at least one, but most days all, of the following: spirulina, kale, spinach, chia seeds), I experiment with different vegan dishes, I enjoy finding out about how much I really LOVE vegan treats (simple things like a sliced banana with peanut or almond butter makes me really happy) and I can tell my body is loving it just as much. Since the start of my vegan adventure I’ve noticed some really positive changes when it comes to my body (and my running!).

  • I’m turning into a lean, strong plant powered machine!
  • My skin, which usually is really bad/upset, is WAY better.
  • I’m not bloated!
  • I crave good things, instead of those normal sugary/salty/fatty and full of lactose things I used to crave.
  • I run happier/faster/better. I’ve lowered my mile pace quite a bit. Whoa, yay me!
  • I enjoy cooking! If you know me well, you know this is a HUGE change.
  • Nothing makes me as happy or feel as rich as having the fridge/freezer full of fresh veggies/fruits.
  • Almond milk in my coffee didn’t turn out to be as “bad” as I thought. In fact, I really enjoy it!
  • I eat more often, but smaller servings. This is something I grew up with, but found hard getting back into after traveling and moving a lot the last 4 years.

I could keep going for a while, but let’s just stop here and say: I absolutely love that I took the leap and went plant based and I’m not looking back at all! I’m not really ready to call myself vegan yet, but I guess I am? Weird. The one negative thing that I can think of (no, it’s not not being able to eat cheese, bacon or ice cream) is that I have to plan ahead if I’m going in to town, I’ve found it a bit hard to find proper vegan food (bars and fruits are always available of course, but sometimes a girl needs a real meal) while running around town in a hurry to kill that “runger”. So, I’m keeping on keeping on with this vegan “challenge” and I will continue to really enjoy it too!

The Barnana Giveaway ended last weekend and I wish I would’ve been able to get the winner picked and published earlier, but the blog and I just haven’t been best friends this last week. Sorry about that! But better late then never?
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Congrats Whine Less! Email me (evelinruns[at]gmail[dot]com)¬†with your address info and which of the Barnana flavors you’d like a 3-pack of and you’ll have the Barnanas coming your way as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Thank you all for visiting, reading the Barnana review and entering the giveaway!