Spring Update

Update April 2017

ICYMI: I’m still alive, but I’ve sure been staying pretty busy offline during this so called off-season. You see, I’ve transitioned to some kind of seasonal lifestyle after the summer up in Alaska 2016. I have enjoyed a winter of not working, but filling my time with other great stuff.. Like for example a couple months in WA and a trip back home to visit family and friends. Pretty great if you ask me!
Quick recap of life since October 2016..

Number of countries visited: 4

XC skiing

Number of times on XC skis: 3

Number of flights: 7

Train Ride from Norway

Number of train rides: Countless in the Pacific Northwest, 5 in Norway/Sweden (some better than others)

Number of road trips: 1 (2 if you count a looong day in the car to hike Eastern WA)

Dog sit

Dog sit gigs: 2

Yoga classes: ~ 45?

Number of visits to Max Hamburgare: 5 (Greenmål for the win!)

Number of places visited during my month long trip back home: 7 (Itinerery looked like this: Copenhagen, Malmö, Jönköping, Gnesta, Stockholm, Luleå, Narvik, Luleå, and then all the way back to Malmö and CPH).

Number of basketball games watched: 1 (Go BC Luleå)

Number of falafels while in Malmö: 4

Number of days without coffee: 5

Number of days with headache: 5 (in a row.. Caffeine abstinence or what?!)

Number of hugs: Countless – so good to see family and friends back home!

Winter running

Number of runs: A bunch, duh! Best ones in the cold winter air up in Northern Norway.

Number of new jobs: 1. Seasonal in Alaska, I’m sure I’ll share more about that soon.

Number of laughs/smiles: ALL OF THEM!

Needless to say it’s been a good winter, and I”m entering this spring full of love and inspiration. Plus, I get to be back in my precious Alaska very very soon.