Training Plan

Since i started running again after my injury I’ve felt kind of lost. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be running again. In fact, I love every second of it (even those rough moments when I’m totally out of breath and just feel like quitting)! But I missed out on my main goal race for the year and the running have been rough due to lost stamina after 7 weeks with barely any cardio at all. Then Boston happened and my love for running grew (how can it even be possible?!) stronger. The fact that I can run is a blessing and something I’ve decided to not take for granted. I also found more motivation through being a part of such an amazing community.. I can’t even start to put into words what all runners out there mean to me. What running means to me. Twitter and this blog has connected me with amazing inspiring people and I’m so very thankful for this! Thank you all, you’re all truly amazing!

That time will change.

I got contacted by Mark from Teach To Run a few weeks ago and today we finally got to chat about my running and he set up a running plan for me. Seeing the plan I am stoked. This will give me structured and guided way to use all my love and motivation in my running, to move forward. That time for the 5k’s I did for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race is NOT OK, it needs to get down to where it was before the injury!

I’m starting tomorrow and I’m so excited! While I know that this will be challenging, as I’m not used to following a training plan (I’ve mostly just been going with my daily feeling and urges for easy runs/speed/hills etc before), but I’m up for it! I’ll make sure to keep you updated on how I’m doing and what I’m doing.

From now on I’ll switch from kilometres to miles, it’ll just make it so much easier – after all I’m in the US now. Maybe it’s about time I get accustomed to the miles? The numbers just feel odd to me, still, but I’ll get used to it. Promise!