Three Things Thursday 8/21/15

It’s Thursday, again! I can’t believe how fast the weeks are passing now? Husband and I are about to head out camping this weekend so we’ve got some things to get ready today, but first: a quick Three Things Thursday for ya!

1. What Moves You?

I have been so touched by this movie project since I first heard about it and now it’s Kickstarter time. The team behind this documentary by runners, for runners, about runners are asking for OUR help to make this into reality. If you want to know more about this project – see What Moves You? on twitter, Facebook or visit their website.

FIT Three Things Thursday

2. Current Favorite Shoe?

It’s no secret that SKORA Running is “my” brand when it comes to running shoes, but the actual model of SKORAs that owns my heart differs a lot. Sometimes I am madly in love with the Forms, thinking that “This is THE ONE”, only to later that day slip my feet into another model and think “No actually, THIS IS IT!”. These last few weeks I’ve been madly in love with the FIT, both my yellow and Pink ones. They are hugging my feet nicely, feel perfect without socks and dry fast if/when I decide to run (and jump in puddles) when it’s raining. I really can not recommend this shoe enough for those of you who might be thinking of transitioning to zero drop/minimalist running!

3. Wonderful Things Factory

Last weekend I saw the fabulous women of Oiselle hanging out at #birdcamp (oh no, not jealous at all seeing they got to run in GORGEOUS settings in Bend, OR. Not at all) and they were playing around with a phone case that also works for a clip to carry your phone with you – the SlimClip Case. I am now convinced I NEED one of these as I can NOT stand the armband anymore. Plus, when not out running it’d be a great way to have the phone close by even when wearing clothes without pockets. Seems like a great product and I can’t wait to try it out!


What are your current favorite running shoes?

Do you carry your phone with you when running? If so, how?