This Is Where I Run, Where Do You Run?

This is #whereIrun!

I’ve been showing you some of my running routes before, but this time I had a thought – what if I could show you where I run in one single picture? It would be the  picture above. This is “my road” – where I do the majority of my running.. Most of the times I love it, but I must confess I do get bored at times even though I know it’s very beautiful and all that.

Because I always love seeing where you all are running I was thinking maybe we could make this a “challenge”?!

How to participate?

1. Go for a run!

2. Smile (because you’re running and that is awesome)!

3. Take a photo showing where you get your miles in

4. Share the photo where it suits you best:

– Email to evelinruns at gmail dot com

– Tweet the photo. Tag me (@evelinruns) and use the hashtag #WhereIRun

– Share the photo on Instagram, tag me (@evelinruns) and use the hashtag #WhereIRun

– Share the photo on my Facebook wall

– Upload the photo on Google+, tag me (Evelin M-H) and use the hashtag #WhereIRun

Feel free to also tell us where you are running if you want to.

I will upload your photos to the page #WhereIRun and link to your Twitter/blog/Facebook/Google+/Instagram(let me know if you want me to add links!).

Easy right?! And FUN!

Are you with me?