Third Week of Running Post Injury

I can’t believe it’s already been more than three weeks since I got back running after my foot injury?! I haven’t been running a ton, I’m still taking it really slow and during third week I was only going for less than 3 mile runs. It is very frustrating not getting to run MORE, but my foot still doesn’t feel 100% and I’m just not willing to take the risk of being set back again. Running is here to stay. You heard that dear left foot?! OK, let’s keep it this way.

run tue march 5thTuesday March 5th, Run #6

3.19k, 21:23 minutes, Average pace 6:42

Happy run. Just like that.

Run Thursday March 7thThursday March 7th, Run #7

3.42k, 23:25 minutes, Average pace 6:51

Thursday I woke up at 4.30am crying  due to hormonal shit and I just could not go back to sleep, neither could I stop crying. I kept telling myself that it’s ok, I don’t have to freak out, it’s just my body getting used to new “medications” (you women out there probably know how much birth control can affect you?) etc. But finally I decided that the best way I could possibly deal with this is to get out and run. So I did. At 12pm in BRIGHT sun (I don’t know if that was the smartest move, but I needed to run desperately and I’d rather deal with some dehydration than the emotional bullshit). I did some kind of fartlek (oh, I LOVE to get to write a Swedish word every now and then) and went from really slow/walking to speeding the shit out of myself (excuse me for the.. uhm, “rough” words). Great run! Came back home without any foot issues and most importantly I felt SO much better emotional. The rest of the day was pure love thanks to the run. (Yes, that smile on the pic above is totally fake.)

Saturday March 9th, Run #8

Terrible run. Dehydrated before I even started plus zero food until 3pm just wasn’t what my body wanted. This run was a no-go and I quickly decided to just head back home after 1k and don’t push it. Shit happens, but I do need to be responsible enough to EAT and DRINK properly.


Total distance: 7.61k