10 Things I Love About Running

I’ve been running since May 2012. I’ve been calling myself a runner since August 2012. I’ve been running 4 races and have been getting faster and being able to run longer. I talk about running at least 5 times a day (poor husband/family/friends). I have a blog and a twitter account where I write mostly about running. Obviously I LOVE running!

But here’s the things that made me fall in love with running (and continue to love it more and more) shortened down to 10 things I love about running:

1. Running makes me (feel) awesome.

2. Running has made me find that confidence I was lacking, both soul and body wise. When I run I feel GREAT with just myself and my emotions. It’s the me-time I’ve been missing and having a hard time to love.

3. Running makes me smile. I put my shoes on in the morning and I smile. Until the day ends and I go to bed.

4. Running is the reason I’ve started to dress in other colors than black. Now of course, if you don’t know me you can’t understand what a BIG DEAL this is..

5. Running has made me understand and feel very impressed of my dad who is running Marathons yearly. It has also brought us closer to each other, even though the distance from Hawaii to northern Sweden is pretty far.

6. Running has made me get curious and less afraid of trying out new exercises and foods.

7. Running is the reason I’m healthier now (in body and mind), at the age of 30, than I’ve been for a looong while.

8. Running makes me LOVE my determination. I’m realizing I have so much more POWER in body/mind then I’ve ever given myself credit for.

9. With running comes a lot of FUN. The online community where motivation/inspiration/advice is always just one tweet/blog comment away, the races and the pre-race jitters, the fun gear, the.. list is long of fun things that running brought into my life!

10. Running is LIFE. Life is LOVE. Love is RUNNING.

I’m so happy I laced my old hiking sneakers (yeah, I know.. But that was what I had when staying at my parents house post Asia trip-pre US trip) on that day in May 2012. Thanks to Dad I got out and just did it. I couldn’t go far, but I got back to the house and I smiled. And so I continued. Smiling and running and loving myself and my strengths (which are getting more and more obvious both mentally and physically).. And I’ll keep on running as long as my body lets me (hopefully a long, long time).