The Vegan Challenge

I don’t write much about food on this blog. I mention snacks, bars and gels that I like, but rarely write about my meals for the day and so on. The reason might be that I normally am eating pretty much whatever, without losing to much of the “healthy” aspect of it all. I’m always very aware of what I put into my body, but might however sometimes choose not to take the healthiest ways (especially not when the RUNger sets in). Since I started running I’ve had some thoughts about changing my diet up and I’ve been thinking about several different ways to do so – paleo, gluten free, vegetarian etc. Unfortunately I’m not really the special diet kind of girl, I usually lack the motivation and inspiration required to make it work. Plus, I  really enjoy food and don’t like the feeling of being “limited”.


Ten random facts about me and food:

1. In 7th grade I decided to go all vegetarian. My parents might not have been stoked, but they supported my decision and luckily my school provided pretty good veggie food daily so it totally worked great!

2. I have a sensitive stomach. Scratch that “stomach”, it should be body. I’m allergic/react to a bunch of random things (kiwi, clothes detergent, walnuts, penicillin, apricot, lactose, ibuprofen etc) and physical/mental stress is one of the worst things I can put myself through. I get bloated very easily, get rashes/break outs, I have psoriasis (have been spared from that the last 3-4 years though, luckily!) etc.

3. I love cheese, Greek yoghurt and ice cream. Yeah, I normally eat that stuff regularly (uhm, daily) even though lactose doesn’t do well with my body!

4. The reason I quit being vegetarian after 8 years was that I was spontaneously invited to have dinner with my boyfriend at the time’s parents house and they proudly served us a huge moose steak. I didn’t have the courage to speak up and tell them that I didn’t eat meat so I quietly sat down, had some of that steak and later that night felt terrible… Yeah..

5. I’ve always preferred fish and veggies over meat.

6. I love nut butters. All kinds. Just put them in front of me and I’ll probably be eating out of the jar with a spoon (or my fingers) in a few minutes.

7. I went to India 2009 and sadly enough I couldn’t really enjoy the amazing food at all because my body could NOT handle all the spice.. Spicy food has however entered my life the last 2-3 years and nowadays I love Thai food, a spicy curry or just a good hot sauce.

8. A few of my all time favorite foods/snacks are very Mediterranean: Halloumi cheese, hummus (OMG the ridiculous amount of hummus I had when traveling in Israel?!), olives and falafel.

9. I’m not only using “food” to stop my hunger/fuel my body – I use natural oils, vegetables, sugar and grains for my skin too. I regularly use almond, avocado, coconut and olive oil, lemon, avocado, strawberry, baking soda, oats and sugar. They make for awesome deodorants, exfoliation, cleaning and moisturizing “products”.

10. I do love me some bacon and eggs every now and then.

(And of course, I have to add this: I LOVE avocado! If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you’ve probably already realized that and by looking at the photos in this blogpost it’s pretty easy to figure out too I guess..)

So why am I bringing this subject of food up now, after all these months, you wonder? Well, as the blog title hints I recently accepted a Vegan Challenge. I know.. “WHOA, where did that come from?!” That’s pretty much what I’m thinking, but at the same time not. The thought has been brewing for a while, and I finally got the courage to take the leap.. When Brandon from Forks to Feet challenged me, I actually jumped on it! “A week of vegan/plant based food? Sure, I can do that!”


As of Saturday August 24th (I’m on Day 7 as we speak) I have been on a plant based diet – no meat and no dairy products. Here is my experience so far:

  • So far no cravings for dairy/meat AT ALL!
  • No sugar cravings – when I’ve usually been craving something sweet I’ve instead been craving things like carrots, nut butter, cucumber or avocado.
  • Higher body temperature plus some serious sweating – probably a part of my metabolism being higher and my body detoxing itself.
  • My face broke out day 4-5. Not my normal kind of break out.. Could be detox?
  • Except for the break out my skin is actually looking pretty good, even noticed a bit of “glow” to it today!
  • HUNGER. The first 4 days I was hungry pretty much the whole time, and I actually ate a lot more than I usually do. Only good things though, so I don’t really care.
  • I’ve been drinking way more water.
  • More energy and a noticeable difference in mental focus.
  • I had a GREAT run Wednesday (Day 5) – felt lighter and ran a faster average than the last few months. Actually by 1 min/mile!
  • No more running on empty stomach in the morning like I’m used to, just didn’t work. A banana or a toast before heading out though – all good!
  • I feel inspired and motivated to actually cook/prepare meals, which is a BIG change for me.
  • Crispy veggies satisfy me no matter time of day. Totally!
  • There’s been a lot of nutritious smoothies and I always love that!
  • I’ve had more avocado then ever before. That’s totally fine with me!
  • Black beans are yummy, especially with avocado.
  • I thought not having “normal milk in my morning cup of coffe would be hard. Turns out the almond milk is pretty great too!

So there you have it! Some negatives but nothing alarming and I’m confident these “problems” will get better as my body adjusts to the new diet. I feel VERY happy with the change. Even love this said change enough to want to keep going for an indefinite period. Yes, I’m totally serious, it looks like I’m going ALL plant based from now on.



 Q: Are you on a special kind of diet? Vegetarian, vegan, paleo or something else?

Something you’re making sure to stay away from? Allergies?

Feel free to share in the comments below!