The Move

I am BACK!

Well, not completely because we don’t have internet at our new place. But at least I’m not drowning in the mess that is “the move” anymore. Last week ended up being one of the most stressful weeks of my life. Imagine something like this:


Monday: Work my behind off with the house and the garden etc. Checking Craigslist every 10 minutes. Calling Property Management groups, not getting any answers/calls back. Looking at a place we love, sending applications all over the place.

yard work

Tuesday: Work my behind off with the house and the garden etc. Checking Craigslist every 8 minutes. Sending husband to look at a place, far from ideal, but they did allow cats?! Sending applications, calling Property Management groups and whatever other people posting ads on Craigslist.

Wednesday: Still working hard with getting the three-story house and the garden ready for our move etc. Checking Craigslist every 6 minutes. Realizing that in only a few days we will REALLY be homeless. Calling on ads, checking in on applications already sent to places. Realizing that place we were looking at Monday and loved don’t allow pets. Hurray. Stress building up in my body to the point where I walk into a room to do something, but can’t seem to remember what it was I was supposed to do. Tired, no.. Exhausted.

moving mess comfy

Thursday: Waking up in tears, but trying to stay positive and think that we still have time to find somewhere to move before Monday. Checking Craigslist every 5 minutes and calling EVERYWHERE to try to convince them to just let us move in somewhere with our cat. Yard work, cleaning, laundry etc. Just. SO. Tired.

Friday: Last day of me being alone working at the house, as husband will have Saturday, Sunday and Monday (I thought) off work. I worked harder than ever with getting the place closer to done so that we could start moving our things to storage Saturday and.. Go live in our car Sunday or Monday. But wait. Needed to figure out a solution for our dear baby, the cat. So instead of us all being homeless I swallowed my pride and asked our old landlady for help. She was kind enough to offer us to stay in her “ohana” (mother-in-law/studio), just one problem – my husband could not come with because that would mean a 4 hour commute (one way) for him. Daily. So he would still be living in the car.. A mess. Tears running, until there were no more tears. Realizing I’ve never ever been close to homeless, except for when choosing to be so while backpacking around the world. Checking Craigslist every 3 minutes ( or more often). Calling on ALL possible ads. FINALLY getting a call back from a place, scheduling an appointment to look at the place Saturday. Tears, because.. He actually approved of our cat?!

parking lot view

Saturday: Leaving for town to look at the place, even though we had so sooo much to do at the house. Losing x hours to maybe get a place to live? Well, we figured it would be worth it. And it was, a few hours after looking at the place we signed a 6 months lease at this apartment and we got the keys there and then, even though our lease didn’t start until Sunday. Phew. Not many times before in my life have I been so extremely relieved. The apartment wasn’t really (at all) what we were looking for, but it was way way better than being homeless. AND, we didn’t have to get rid of our dear cat Oscar! Back to the house I was working harder than ever while my husband was driving the first load to the new place.

Sunday: Last day (because.. Well, of course my husband couldn’t have the promised day off). I can’t even remember what happened during Sunday. It was a huge mess, but somehow we got all our things over to the new place, the garden finished up and the house cleaned to a state it’s never been before. So darn clean.

Coffee at the new place Monday morning. The view is OK.

We arrived with the last load of things, our cats and two very foggy brains to the new place Monday morning at 2 am. And that was it. We were moved from a three-story house in the jungle to a 1 bedroom apartment in town! Uh, yeah. I still don’t know how we are going to get all our things arranged in this little place, and our little cat is so stressed out suddenly being a city cat (he’s only lived on the countryside before) but we are NOT homeless and everything will work itself out.

unpacking mess

So that was a recap of my last week. I am still so sooo exhausted and my brain is still foggy – I could sleep the whole day long and I suffer from stress related anxiety/panic attacks. But with a little bit of rest, a lot of unpacking/organizing and a bunch of running I’ll be back to normal. No worries!

My new running hoods.

 Speaking of running.. I’m not running in the jungle anymore! No more wild pigs (just the two-legged city pigs now I guess), no sketchy country side roads with lots of turns and hills – I’m suddenly a city (eh, town) runner who gets to smile at/high five with/cheer other runners on while being out there doing my thing. I can even join a running group and attend races without having to drive for hours. Crazy, and so much fun!

I missed you all and look forward to focus forward and just be DONE with this move.

Bring the running on! 

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