The Gift of Love and Health

Valentines Day is coming closer and as it is a day when we are spoiling our loved ones I want to suggest a great gift – a gift of healthy bits instead to that chocolate you might be thinking of giving away. ENERGYbits. These bits of algae will set your loved one/ones up for a great continuing of the year of 2013 as they are LOADED with vitamin, minerals and protein. With only one calorie a piece they provide a healthy “snack” to keep you or/and your loved ones going throughout the day. The bits consist of 100% NATURAL and PURE algae.

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I can tell you that since I’ve been starting to use these green bits I’ve noticed a big difference not just in my energy levels but in endurance and performance in general. I take 30-40 of the bits with water about 15-20 minutes before I hit the road for my runs (or head into the workout room for a date with the weights) and I no longer have to deal with a “down” around the 2nd-3rd kilometre of the run. I cruise on by and feel strong in both body and mind for a longer period of time. Because of the bits being full of minerals and vitamins too I’ve stopped taking my normal muli vitamin pill and have stopped franticly looking for an electrolyte product that will work with my stomach. The bits are giving me electrolytes on top of that nice extra energy (without a “crash”)! AND, me being one of those with a sensitive stomach I’m happy to say that they aren’t messing with my poor little belly AT ALL!

Day Before End of the World 2

ENERGYbits are a part of my normal routine when it comes to exercising, running and racing.

Great stuff! And as you can tell when visiting their website, there are three other kinds of bits too. RECOVERYbits, which consists of 100% chlorella algae, SKINNYbits which consists of 100% spirulina algae, and VITALITYbits which consists of 50% spirulina and 50% chlorella algae.

So if you feel like trying the bits out or give them to someone who deserves a gift of LOVE and a step in the right direction to a healthy life – head on over to ENERGYbits, choose your bag of bits and use the promotion code EVELINRUNS to get 15% off your order. I’d say go ahead, take the leap and give the wonderful green little bits a go!


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