The Day When 1.4 miles Felt Like A Piece Of Heaven

Since this blog is named “evelinruns” and I havent been able to run since the start of the year I’ve started to feel kind of worried. A blog about a girl who runs that’s actually not running for WEEKS?! Doesn’t work! Ok, yeah. So I’m injured. I have a reason for the long break from running and to write about completely different stuff..

But today, Monday February 18th 2013, I FINALLY got to run(and walk). It doesn’t matter that it was only 1.4 miles and that the foot hurt a little bit. I RAN. And guess if I was smiling? OH YES! My smile must have been lighting up the neighborhood through all the rain and grey skies around us. I was running and I am now feeling a little bit of hope. Those 18 minutes did wonders – I got back to the house, not crying because of pain but with tears in my eyes because of happiness.

post injury run

I am going to take it really slow and work hard on not pushing myself too much these coming weeks (even though I want to run farther and faster). This body is going to keep on running for a looong time and it better heal up properly this spring. There are races to be run and good times on the road/trails to be had!



Q: Have you been injured? How did you get by without the running? And how did you get back into running post injury?