Tell me about your 2012

As we’re going towards the end of the year I’ve been spending a lot of times thinking of what a great year this has been. A lot of good things have happened but one of the best things was that I actually started running. Since I started in May I’ve been gaining confidence, strength and better health. Running have made me a better person.

Through Meg over at Run.Fit.Kin I found this blogpost where Miss Zippy is asking six questions about running in 2012. So here you go, my answers:


  • Best race experience? I’ve done three races so far. Two 10k’s and one 5k. They’ve all been great experiences and as a new runner I’ve learned so much from each and every one of them. But to be honest, even though I did very good in my last race the first one I ran is the one that’s really sticking out. The Volcano Rain Forest Runs 10k, August 18th, was a great start of my journey when it comes to races. I finished (even though I thought my nerves would stop me on the way there), I got a better finishing time that I could’ve dreamt of being the first race and I had so much fun! As I walked back to the car I called my dad back in Sweden and cried. My emotions were everywhere – I was happy, exhausted, proud, homesick and amazed by myself. Dad has been my motivation and inspiration since day one of my running journey and it felt sooo good being able to call him and tell him all about my first race!

great run

  • Best run? I had a glorious run one sunny fall day in Seattle. To change my running routes up a little bit I took the bus to the famous walking/running spot Green Lake. The air was crisp, the sun felt great and I was flying during that run. Definitely a “run happy” moment! After the run I felt so great I actually decided to run the 5k back to my friends house instead of getting on the bus as planned.

Day Before End of the World 2

  • Best new piece of gear? Since all my running gear is new this is a tough one. I’d say what I’ve been getting the most usage on is my Under Armour shorts which are my go-to bottoms for the warm climate here in Hawaii. I’ve also used the shit out of my grey top that I got on sale at Target. And of course, I can’t NOT mention the Garmin Forerunner 405cx and the Asics Gel-Neo33 that I’ve been running in since late July. Even though it might not really be considered “gear” I want to mention ENERGYbits too. I lost a lot of weight when I started running and it left me having problems fueling good enough for my workouts/runs. Since I started using these algae bits I’ve been doing great! I no longer have to worry about fueling enough, they really carry me through my runs (so far at least, I have yet to start running longer distances where fueling mid-run will be necessary. The bits will definitely come with me though, so I’m sure I’ll be fine!).


  • Best piece of running advice you received? Through Twitter I’ve been getting so many great tips from fellow runners. It’s amazing to have so many people out there sharing their experiences and helping me out whenever I have a question. So thank you all!  What I’ve really been thinking of, both while doing training runs and races, is to try to keep my pace down. I have a tendency to speed a little bit too much leaving me fatigued faster than necessary. During my last race I managed to really save my energy for the last stretch which saved me and helped me PR due to the hilly course (that I wasn’t prepared for).


  • Most inspirational runner? As mentioned earlier my dad is my main inspiration when it comes to running. Without watching him finishing x amount of marathons, cheering for him mid course on his marathons and following his preparations for his races I probably would never have started running. He’s so supportive and gives me great advice whenever I’m in need of help with my running. I just wish we will be able to do a race together soon (even though he’d be faaar ahead of me)!


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  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? FUN. Challenging. Inspired.




Q: Do you want to tell us about your 2012? Yes, do it! Grab the questions and blog away!