SKORA Running TEMPO Review

Disclaimer: I received these shoes for free as a part of the SKORA Ambassador program, however the opinions in this blogpost are mine and mine alone and have not been controlled or affected by anyone else..

SKORA Core Review

After running in SKORA Running shoes for about 18 months I had tried all models except the one, so I decided to finally give in and buy the loved-by-many but new-to-me model –…

Holiday Giveaway SKORA Running Fit

Holiday Giveaway – SKORA Running FIT

Christmas is ALMOST here and I am VERY excited about it! If there’s anything I really love (and wish I could do more of), it’s sharing with people around me. Especially sharing the things I truly love. Like running, coffee, hugs, SMILES and.. SKORA Running!

You know I’m truly and…



I have some exciting SKORA news to share with you all:

Today SKORA Running released the new Fall/Winter line and I am SO EXCITED…

Three Things Thursday 8/21/15

It’s Thursday, again! I can’t believe how fast the weeks are passing now? Husband and I are about to head out camping this weekend so we’ve got some things to get ready today, but first: a quick Three Things Thursday for ya!


Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

I have been back in the US/Hawaii for a month now and it feels like an eternity. Yet I haven’t been able to start publishing my Vacation Recaps, simply because I can’t open the folders with vacay pics due to there being photos of my uncle’s house, family and his funeral in there….

Five Things Friday 2/21/14

A few of the super…

Year of Running 2013

Amanda from the blog Miss Zippy (@MissZippy1 on Twitter) is doing a blog linkup for the third year in a row, recapping the year of running, and even though my running hasn’t been that exciting or happening this year I…


You all know that I’ve been spending A LOT of time in my SKORA Running shoes since I did my transition to zero drop running last spring. Well, I happen to love these shoes and I’m very honored to be…

How to Transition to Zero Drop Running – The Evelin Version

As I came back from an injury spring of 2013 I had some problems with what shoes to go for when retiring my Asics Gel-Neo33. After eyeing the beautiful SKORA Running shoes for more than 6 months I finally took the leap and ordered myself two pairs in April 2013. Since then…