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Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday

I have been back in the US/Hawaii for a month now and it feels like an eternity. Yet I haven’t been able to start publishing my Vacation Recaps, simply because I can’t open the folders with vacay pics due to there being photos of my uncle’s house, family and his funeral in there….

SKORA Fit Review

SKORA Running, a shoe company based out of Seattle, WA. Since they first hit the market they have given us the opportunity to run in zero drop shoes, built to let us run natural (or REAL) and designed not only to please our feet but also our eyes. The…

Make Your Feet Happy With GladSoles – Review & Giveaway [closed]

I recently received a pair of GladSoles sandals to review and here are my thoughts about them..

What is GladSoles?

GladSoles is a company based in New Jersey, USA. It all started when Rich, the CEO and founder, read the book…


You all know that I’ve been spending A LOT of time in my SKORA Running shoes since I did my transition to zero drop running last spring. Well, I happen to love these shoes and I’m very honored to be…

A Love Story a.k.a My SKORAs and I

When I first saw SKORA Running shoes around on Twitter and visited their website I right away knew a love story had been born. At first somewhat a unrequited love story because we had actually never met. But lately, that love story has become REAL. I finally gave in and ordered those…

Where Are My Shoes?

Ok. Forgive me, but I’m going to pour this all out. Running shoes… If you’re a runner you probably know that it can be really hard to find those shoes you need/want and that will treat your feet well?

#AFphotoaday – 18



My need/want dilemma

I mentioned earlier here on the blog that I’m craving a lot of running related stuff. Clothes and gear. And I can’t really seem to figure out what I really “need” and what I’m just craving for the sake of cool new stuff and the way they make you feel. But after a little tweeting…

Mizuno Mezamashii Project

After reading about Mizuno Running’s Mezamashii Run Project here and here I got so happy!

This is a great initiative from Mizuno! I’ve always thought that trying out shoes in a store is very hard, whatever kind of shoe it is. And after starting running even…