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I Miss You, Dear Uncle

2014 has been a rough year for me. I was feeling very pumped up and ready to Go when the year started, as my husband and I had just moved into town and life had started to get better. Less lonely, less of a struggle. But from then on it just went downhill….

I Need Your Help!

I keep doing other things than writing blogposts… Like bicycling, running, visiting the market and eating too much avocado (Just kidding, there can never be “too much” avocado.. DUH!).


Happy Days and PocketFuel Winner!

The last week or two I’ve been dealing with a little bit of a grumpy calf so my running has been suffering a bit. I took  four days completely off over last weekend to let the calf rest a bit, and have slowly started running again…

A Valentine’s Day Letter to Myself

Dear Evelin,

It’s February 14th 2013 and you’re on my mind. The last three years have been a journey from a good place to an even better one. You have done so much, learned so much.

Three years ago today you were getting ready to go on your second “big trip” alone. You had to convince yourself…

10 Things I Love About Running

I’ve been running since May 2012. I’ve been calling myself a runner since August 2012. I’ve been running 4 races and have been getting faster and being able to run longer. I talk about running at least 5 times…