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PocketFuel Review & Giveaway [closed]

 I received a sample pack to do a PocketFuel Review here on evelinruns.com. Below you’ll see what PocketFuel is and what I thought about them..

Who are PocketFuel Naturals?

Make Your Feet Happy With GladSoles – Review & Giveaway [closed]

I recently received a pair of GladSoles sandals to review and here are my thoughts about them..

What is GladSoles?

GladSoles is a company based in New Jersey, USA. It all started when Rich, the CEO and founder, read the book…

A First and A Winner

After having my normal cup of coffee Saturday morning, I…

Somersault Snack Co Review & Giveaway

I was recently sent a variety of snacks and given the opportunity to do a Somersault Snack Co review and I am very flattered and happy by it. By now you all know I love finding new healthy (and tasty) snacks and this is no exception.

I Have a Thing For Bearded Brothers – Review & Giveaway [closed]

I have always had a thing for bearded men, now I also have a thing for the Bearded Brothers.. Energy Bars, that is. You now have the chance to win a case of these bars, but please take the time to read about my new love affair first:

Barnana Review and Giveaway [closed]

By now you all know I live pretty much in the jungle. I use a machete to fight the weeds (tons of crazy jungle plants and ferns) which are constantly trying to eat our garden. What could be more suitable than banana snacks for a woman like me? Seriously.

Stay Safe While Running – Road ID Review and Giveaway!

I have this pretty cool bracelet on my wrist. It’s called a RoadID and I’m very happy to be wearing it. I’m not the jewelry kind of girl (however I do love the sparkle of my wedding ring) and the RoadID is my perfect match. It is not only pretty good looking…

Picky Winner!

Life has been busy lately and I’m late on the bullet here, but I finally got the time to sit down and let you know who won the Picky Bars Giveaway That ended July 22nd. Thank you to all of you who visited and entered the giveaway! It’s been fun to see how…

Picky Bars Review and Giveaway! [closed]

What is Picky Bars?

The stars (yes, they are all actually stars) behind Picky Bars are Stephanie Rothstein, Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas. It all started with Lauren wanting to find the perfect bar to fuel her husband Jesse. They were looking for a good and…

Injinji Review and Giveaway! [closed]

What is Injinji?

Injinji is an African term describing when a “drumming circle reaches a climax, the peak in the performance, when all of the participants are at one with the rhythm, when everyone hits a stride and…