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31 And Going

Yesterday was my birthday and I’ve spent some time looking back at how my life has been so far. When I was younger (around 20) the thought of getting older was absolutely horrifying. That has changed a lot as I’m now in my 30’s and really can’t see anything negative with it.

evelinloves #3

It’s Friday! That means I’ll continue to share some of my favorites. This week I’ll share some blogs/blogposts I don’t want you to miss out on:


A Valentine’s Day Letter to Myself

Dear Evelin,

It’s February 14th 2013 and you’re on my mind. The last three years have been a journey from a good place to an even better one. You have done so much, learned so much.

Three years ago today you were getting ready to go on your second “big trip” alone. You had to convince yourself…

The Story of My Darkness

Lea over at the blog Running for Dummies wrote an important and interesting blogpost the other day – I’m Afraid To Post This Blog.. In this world of social media it’s easy…