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ProCompression Giveaway Winner

The ProCompression giveaway I had the chance to host  was very popular, as it should be, and I kind of wish I could just give you all…

Hüma Love

I’m spreading love all around me this week and I’m loving it.

You might have seen the review and giveaway I had featuring the natural energy gels Hüma? I’ve continued my love story with these gels and really think they’re worth looking up if you’re into fueling for or during your runs with something…

Hüma Chia Energy Gel Review and Giveaway

A little while ago I got in contact with Ian, the man behind the Hüma Chia Energy Gel, and he gave me the chance to review his product which made me more than happy.

Snack Me Up

I love snacks.

In periods of my life snack time was the equivalent of candy time, but nowadays I make way better choices. Some of my favorites are:


Toast with…

DrinkChia giveaway!

I’ve mentioned this chia drink in earlier blogposts and the amazing people over at Drink Chia have offered me to share the great products with my readers/followers. 5 of you will get a Sample Pack of the great product to enjoy (and hopefully fall in love with!).

Review of Drink Chia! #shakeitbaby

I read about Drink Chia! a couple of months ago and got really curious. As I tried to find it in stores on…