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Running in heat, with PF without having a shower post run? Uhm, yes!

While my running have progressed a bit lately there’s a few things bothering me:

1. Life

We’ve had a lot of problems with the house we’re renting lately. The water pump caused a flooded basement and after that it can’t be trusted. So this means.. No water in the house. No water to do dishes, no water…

Where Are My Shoes?

Ok. Forgive me, but I’m going to pour this all out. Running shoes… If you’re a runner you probably know that it can be really hard to find those shoes you need/want and that will treat your feet well?

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With Running Comes Needs/Cravings

When I started running I thought that running was a cheap sport, in my mind all I needed was a pair of trainers and some clothes to cover up my body/stay warm..

It turns out I was wrong.

Not saying that running HAVE to be an expensive sport, but I sure realized that I needed to buy…