Sweet September

August went by so fast I don’t even know what happened.. Was it just me? And here we are, entering the month of September. I did pretty good with my August Goals – I kept going on my strength, yoga and I ran for the fun of it, with lots of heart. I could’ve been a lot better with writing and reading, but that’s ok because I’ve stayed pretty focused and happy the whole month and in the end that’s what matters to me.

One of my favorite spots in Stockholm, five minutes walk from my apartment.

Sweet September, as you’re coming around I miss proper seasons (I do most of the time to be completely honest). I miss the beautiful fall back home in Sweden – the crisp air, the trees turning into all kinds of colors and the excuse to wear a pretty coat and a beret. I love to cozy up in the couch with tea and a book/movie while listening to the fall rain outside. I love going for walks in one of many Stockholm parks and kick the leaves around. But my reality has changed a bit with this move to Hawaii and that’s fine of course, even though I would give a lot for a few weeks of the Swedish fall.


I figured I would set some goals for September, because.. Why not?

1. Run more, run focused, run run run

After giving myself the month of August to focus on my heart and my love for running I’m ready to get back to actually training. Focusing on improving and working towards some races. Because I do want to race, as soon as possible, and I have some PR’s that I want to crush plus milage to cover. If I’m going to be able to run that marathon with my dad sometime “soon“, I need to step it up. Big time. I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself, but I do have some focus and I’ll run more structured during this month.

2. Yoga

It’s still something I need to do more of. I love it, and I am getting way better with incorporating it to my routine, but I could do better. So here’s to many wonderful yoga sessions and lots of tears (Yes. Random fact: I pretty much always cry after doing yoga)!

Legs up the wall, Hawaii style, while soaking up some of that precious Vitamin D

3. Get some more of that wonderful Vitamin D

I’ve been inside a lot more than normal during August and that’s something I always worry about as I desperately need my Vitamin D. So as fall comes along I’ll make sure to soak up some more sun before the rainier season hits us here in the jungle.


Pure awesomeness in the shape of my brothers.

4. Call my family in Norway and Sweden weekly

I live far far away from my family and even though it was my own decision to move over here it still hurts being apart from my loved ones. Sometimes it actually even hurts physically! I feel bad for not calling/Skype with them more often and this is something I both want and need to change. My family is amazing, and as much as I want to know more about what’s going on in their life I know that they want to know more about my everyday life over here. Solution: Just call them already!

Q: Did August fly by for you too?

Are you looking forward to fall weather?

What are your goals for this month?