SunRype Review – A Delicious Snack

I LOVE fruit for snacks and when I read about SunRype and their products I got super excited. As my husband and I are active and very spontaneous at times it happens way too often that we run out of the house before even thinking of preparing a meal to go or have a snack before we leave. We absolutely love being able to have healthy and nutritious snacks easy to grab and go. SunRype’s products seemed like one of those things we would love to have around.


SunRype happened to be very generous and sent me a bunch of their products to review. I received the product 100% Fruit Strips in two different flavors and FruitSource in the flavor Mango Mangosteen. Just seeing mangosteen being used made me jump of joy – I LOVE mangosteen but hardly ever find it except for when traveling. Actually the last time I had it before trying the FruitSource was during a three day jungle trek in Sumatra, Indonesia (it was pure luxury to sit down in the jungle, watch orangutans and eat fresh mangosteen).

I’ve mentioned before that I am all in when it comes to natural products and try to really stick to eating things that are good for me, not just tasty. These 100% Fruit Strips and the FruitSource “bars” turned out to be a BIG hit! They are not just tasty but also provides the qualities I’m looking for when it comes to snacks/food in general. That is: they contain no added color, no artificial flavors and no added sugar that isn’t coming from fruit!

SunRypeUSA FruitStrips

The flavors of the 100% Fruit Strips I got were Strawberry/Watermelon and Raspberry and are both new products. And they are both absolutely great! The texture is perfect, they are not too sweet and most important of all – they taste like REAL fruits/berries! My favorite was the Strawberry Watermelon, which I just couldn’t get enough off and I actually got really grumpy when my husband got the last one.. Sometimes my precious food becomes a little bit too precious maybe? Poor husband! But he really enjoyed these strips too, so I really was happy to share. At least some of it..

SunRypeUSA FruitSource

Then there was my favorite of the three different products/flavors, as you might have figured out from my mangosteen story above.. The Mango Mangosteen FruitSource bar! This bar is sweet, tastes a lot and is filling me up enough to be ready for a run, hike, swim etc. I liked this fruit bar so much I actually rushed to SafeWay to get more of them. They just hit the market and I love that they are easy to find (both the FruitSource and Fruit Strips) in stores. SunRype has a great selection of fruit snacks, such as the Fruit Strips, FruitSource and Just Fruit & Grains which all come in a variety of flavors.

One thing I haven’t tried yet, but love to see, is that SunRype is providing some recipes including their products on their website. I love this idea and I am definitely planning on trying some of those recipes out in the future. How tasty doesn’t the “FruitSource Chocolate Truffle Energy Bites” sound? Yum!

And with this I have found a tasty natural alternative for a fruit snack, which keeps me floating (and smiling) in between meals and/or while out and about! Keep an eye out for SunRypeUSA in your store. They are delicious! Oh! And another GREAT thing with these products is that my husband, who usually often both crave and buy candy now have replaced the (according to me pretty nasty) artificial gummies with SunRype 100% Fruit Strips. Got to love that!

Q: Do you have a favorite fruit? Do you eat straight up fruits or do you like to mix it up with products like/similar to SunRypeUSA’s products? 

I was sent these products for free to try and review, however all above opinions are my own.