Sunday Runday 9/28/14

I was so excited about Sunday Runday and couldn’t wait to get out the door for my run this morning. After last Sunday’s post I had decided to bring my phone and to get more photos to share with you.. So determined to make this happen I didn’t even think about the fact that I lack a waterproof case for my phone.. My run started out amazing, with me feeling strong happy and very appreciative of the light drizzle and 75F outside.

Sunday Runday Skora FIT


Confession: I am totally pretending that fall is here. For real.


The Gardens Hilo


Sunday Runday Phone Rescue

The rain picked up and since I brought my phone without a proper way to keep it dry, I changed my route, popped into the tennis stadium in town and wiped the phone off/squeezed the water out of my clothes..

Sunday Runday Up a Street

Up a street..

Sunday Runday Banyan

..and down another street.

Cruise ship Miracle visited a gray Hilo..

Cruise ship Miracle visited a gray Hilo..

Sunday Runday Liliuokalani Garden

Unfortunately somewhere around here a creepy dude totally destroyed me by harassing me in a very very unpleasant way. I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling and actually cut my run short because I was afraid he was following me..

After the run I got back home, stretched and processed what had happened during the run (decided that if this happens again I will call the cops – can’t NOT do anything about creeps like that dude). I had breakfast and got pleasantly surprised by husband getting home from work early picking me up to go out for a drive. I threw a dress and a cardigan on (yup, without showering and all. Classy like that!) and we were off.

Looking grumpier than I was (but I actually still felt a little “off post-run) on the drive…

Sunday Puppy love

But you know, puppies always brightens a day up?!

Post puppy love and a nice sunny drive with the husband we got back and I got some meal prep in for the coming week. Yum!


Hope you had a wonderful Sunday Runday friends!