Still no running for me..

I know that some of you already have seen me whining on twitter, but here comes the blogpost. I have officially been off running for more than two weeks and it’s really getting to me. My left foot is still causing me a lot of pain just walking and it seems like nothing helps. I’ve been icing it, painkillers, anti-inflammatory pills and wrapping it with Ace bandage.. Monday morning I woke up and thought that my foot was good, so I actually headed out for a walk/run to test it out. Unfortunately it was really miserable – the pain was bad enough for me to have to turn around after 1,5k… And getting back to the house I cried. And then I worked out (no leg action, but a lot of core) with my foot iced.

my workout room

This injury is really starting to get to me. Both body and soul are shutting down more and more, I just NEED to run. Soon. It’s really mentally exhausting having to worry about the foot and just longing to get out and run, do MY THING. The joy of my life (OK, one of them). Just writing this I want to cry.

I worry about my planned Half Marathon in March. If that’s going to happen I definitely need to get back to running ASAP, otherwise I won’t be able to do the 13.1.


But on a more positive note.. Husband and I are moved into the new house now. We’re getting settled and I’m still getting used to all the space we have.. Talk about luxury problem?! The climate here is also very different – with the cool jungle comes more humidity, frogs, insects and plants. All this is of course not a bad thing, it’s just very different. Once I get back to running (because I WILL) I’ll try to remember to get some pictures from my runs. The surroundings here are… Almost magical.