SKORA Running TEMPO Review

Disclaimer: I received these shoes for free as a part of the SKORA Ambassador program, however the opinions in this blogpost are mine and mine alone and have not been controlled or affected by anyone else..

SKORA Running, a running shoe company based in Seattle, have been around since 2012. They add some amazingly well designed minimalist zero drop running shoes to the marke. Shoes which with their anatomical fit (foot-like design with negative flare and a curved platform) gives us the opportunity to run natural. They call it “Run Real” – you can read more about it here.
SKORA Running sent me a sample pair of their new model TEMPO in January 2015. I admit that I had been following news about this new model for a while, ever since they started showing up online, for example at The Running Event where Kyle Kranz showed the new model to interested insiders in the running retail industry.

SKORA’s Kyle showing the TEMPO at The Running Event in Texas 2014. Photo credit: Believe In The Run.

Since I have been using these shoes for a while now, I’m happy to share my thoughts with you in this SKORA Running TEMPO Review.
Let us start with the basic, but important, facts:
  • 22mm Stack Height
  • 0mm Drop
  • Breathable single layer mesh upper
  • No-sew construction for fewer hot-spots
  • Asymmetric lacing for superior fit
  • Reflective details
  • High abrasion injected EVA midsole tuned for high mileage
  • Curved zero-drop design encourages a natural footstrike
  • Flex grooves improves range of motion
  • High density rubber outsole optimized for durability
  • Strategic lug placement for increased traction

SKORA Tempo Review  After looking for a while, pretty desperately, I am so lucky to have found “my shoes” in SKORA Running about two years ago. I know you may think that “Evelin can’t possibly be that obsessed with each and every single model of SKORA?”, but honestly.. Yes, I am. I have now tried every existing SKORA model and I like them all a lot. No, I love them. They’re simply my shoes of choice.

What I can say about SKORAs models is that they are all different and offer a different feel and fit. From the most minimal model PHASE through this new model TEMPO, SKORA offers something for everybody and/or every kind of run. I have been using my PHASEs for speed work, my FORMs for hills and trails, the FIT or CORE for long runs or recovery runs (not necessarily always in that order, sometimes I choose shoes depending on clothes I wear or what color I’m craving). But I admit that since the TEMPO arrived my SKORA rotation has looked a bit different.

SKORA Running Tempo Review

When these shoes showed up at my doorstep I was excited, to say the least. Upon first opening the box I thought “Finally a Flo Yellow women’s model!”.. You see, ever since first seeing the Flo Yellow men’s SKORA Base, and later on men’s PHASE, I have been DYING to see a women’s model in this fun, bright and very unisex color. So now, huge HURRAY + jumps of joy!

 As excited as I was about the colorway, I was just as (or more) excited when it came to the overall first impression of the shoes. For example how light they felt in my hand, how incredibly inticing and beautiful the single layer mesh upper was, and how the outsole seemed to have some more traction than the other SKORA models I have.

SKORA Running TEMPO Review Fact: The more I use these shoes the more I love them.

I have been using the TEMPO since it arrived in mid-January and it’s definitely made my other SKORAs a bit jealous (well, luckily shoes don’t have feelings..) and let me tell you.. I have loved every second of it.

The TEMPO is “more shoe” than the other models (yes, more than the FIT), however it doesn’t feel too cushioned or heavy. Not at all, actually. On the contrary, with a weight of < 8oz the TEMPO is a bit lighter than the FIT even though it offers 6mm more stack height and a sturdier more cushioned sole.

While the sole is more, the upper is most definitely less – The mesh upper is fantastic. Seriously fantastic. I enjoy feeling the breeze through the mesh and the no-sew construction makes for less risk of getting hot spots/blisters (although I’ve personally never had a problem with those in SKORA Running shoes).

For anything from walking or hiking, to short easy runs, intervals, fartlek and the long runs – these shoes are wonderful companions!

For me, this shoe has been a very welcomed addition to my running shoe (SKORA) rotation – I thoroughly enjoy being out on the roads/trails in them. The TEMPO makes for a nice ride, cushy but far far from heavy. And best of all – it is still so perfectly designed for natural, real running. It feels.. Natural. In everything from comfort of the upper, to the feel of my foot touching the ground. Everything feels just right.

By adding TEMPO to the line-up SKORA Running is taking a step further into my heart while reaching more of the running audience. This is a shoe model that all kinds of runners could love. With the added cushion and stack height this shoe will be PERFECT for both the seasoned minimalist/zero drop runner and the runner who wants to transition into zero drop shoes.

SKORA TEMPO Review Colorways

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about these shoes (or other SKORA models for that matter) – I am always very happy to help. Best ways to get a hold of me are Twitter (@evelinruns) or this contact form.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this SKORA Running TEMPO Review.