You all know that I’ve been spending A LOT of time in my SKORA Running shoes since I did my transition to zero drop running last spring. Well, I happen to love these shoes and I’m very honored to be a SKORA ambassador as well. With this in mind, plus a little Thanksgiving treat (scroll down to see this part), I want to share some of ALL the wonderful moments I have shared with my Forms and Bases:

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship The start of a beautiful friendship.

First Run In SKORA Form First run in the Forms.

Kilauea Hiking out to the Kilauea lava flow in the Bases.

Coral Bases Running on the lines (owning the road!) in a quiet neighborhood close by where we live.

Mauna Kea Went for a short little run at 13,000 ft summit of Mauna Kea in the Forms.

  Avocado Hunting Picking avocados during an afternoon walk in the Coral Bases.

Black/Silver/Ice Forms Beautiful FW13 Black/Ice Forms.


Honu  We hung out with a Green Sea Turtle.


  Makuu Market We even go to the farmers market together..

So what is so special about these shoes you wonder?

Well, for me they became the answer to my long search for a pair of “less shoes” than the ASICS I was running in last winter. After realizing that I wasn’t stoked about my shoes and then reading the book Born To Run, I started getting seriously interested in a lower to ground and more natural shoe.  Since I had been eyeing the beautiful SKORA’s for months at that point I decided to give them a go.. That was the best decision I could’ve made regarding running shoes – after transitioning into the shoes slowly I knew that I had found “MY running shoes”. The shoes are not only very comfortable and treats my body great while running, they are also very good looking in my opinion. I wear them everywhere and match them with running apparel, jeans and dresses/skirts – there’s just no limits! Yes, this is a true love story.


As for the “technical” details. SKORA is offering us shoes that let us “Run Real” – the way our body tells us to run. With less (no) focus on “corrective” shoes, and more focus on comfortour body (it’s strength and mobility) and our running form 

Both the Form and the Base are built on a R01 platform:

A moderately cushioned Compression Molded EVA and high abrasion rubber outsole with anatomical flex grooves combines comfort, flexibility, and ground feel for the serious runner. Used on the FORM and BASE, R01 outsole features total stack height of 13mm (9mm without insole). Suitable for long and short runs, this outsole performs equally well on a variety of surfaces from pavement to fast technical trails.

The two other SKORA models, Phase and Core are built on a R02 platform and will allow you to get a bit more ground feel as they are closer to the ground.

Highly responsive Injection Blown Rubber (IBR) unibody platform offers better flexibility, control, and heightened responsiveness for the advanced runner. Used on the CORE, PHASE, and PHASE-X, the R02 outsole is comprised of IBR material, with no midsole. Allowing for greater flexibility and a smaller stack height at 11mm (8mm without insole), the R02 outsole provides increased ground feel.



 If you are interested in buying a pair (or more) of SKORA’s this might be a good opportunity? If you have any questions about the shoes or my experience running in them, feel free to email me at evelinruns [at] gmail [dot] com – I’d be more than happy to help!


We love to run together in rain, my Forms and I.

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Have you ever tried SKORA Running shoes? 

Have you found “your” running shoes or are you still on the hunt?

Are you currently running in zero drop shoes?

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