SKORA Fit Review

SKORA Running, a shoe company based out of Seattle, WA. Since they first hit the market they have given us the opportunity to run in zero drop shoes, built to let us run natural (or REAL) and designed not only to please our feet but also our eyes. The models Form, Phase/Phase-X, Core, Tempo and Base (no longer available) have been on the market for a while, and now SKORA is releasing a brand new model – The Fit.

As a part of their Ambassador program, which I was honored to be a part of, I received a pair of the new model Fit to try out. Since I have been running in SKORA shoes since April 2013 and have fallen madly in love with the models Form, Phase and Base, I couldn’t wait to get my feet in these new shoes and hit the streets. You might wonder – is there a new love story brewing? Let’s see..

My SKORA Fit Review coming right at you:

Let’s start with the facts:

Price: $99.95

Women’s size 5-11.

Men’s size: 7-13.

Stretch Airmesh upper
3D Printed dynamic support pattern
Asymmetrical lacing
Internal Archband midfoot support
Zero-drop construction
Stitch-down construction
High Abrasion rubber
Reflective details
16mm Forefoot/Heel stack height

FIT is the ultimate all-purpose running and training shoe, designed for comfort, speed and agility. FIT features a lightweight, and breathable seamless air mesh upper with support and flexibility where you need it, thanks to a dynamic 3D-printed support pattern and internal arch band. With asymmetric lacing and generous REALFIT last design, FIT provides increased comfort across the top of the foot and encourages natural foot motion and control.

SKORA Fit Review - Unboxing The First Impressions

  1. On first touch I was amazed by how light the shoes felt, even though they are SKORA’s most “cushioned” shoe with a higher stack height than any other of their models.
  2. The upper material feels extremely soft and the shoes are very flexible.
  3. While getting the shoes on my (sockless) feet my first thought was “Wow, now this is COMFY!” – the stretchy airmesh material felt like a hug for my feet!
  4. The heel area is padded and makes for a great feel and fit – my heels felt secure and comfortable.
  5. And of course, while talking about first impressions… How can I NOT mention the look of these shoes?! These shoes live up to the “Flo. Pink” well! They are pretty much glowing and as I noticed when heading out running in them – they are definitely “head turners”. SKORA keeps designing shoes that are just as great for running as they are pretty (or good looking, beautiful, classy, fancy or any other positive adjective I have been using in the past and will keep using) and original looking!

The seamless airmesh upper with the dynamic 3D-printed support pattern.

My thoughts about SKORA Fit

The Fit is a zero drop shoe (there is no “heel to toe drop”) just like SKORA’s other models, but this model has a stack height of 16mm which is a bit more than any of SKORA’s other models. This shoe is offering a bit more protection, without taking away the wonderful ground feel which I love about all SKORA shoes. While running in the Fit I have been totally blown away by the amazingly smooth, yet responsive ride the shoe offers. The flexibility of both the sole and the airmesh upper makes me feel completely comfortable. Comfortable enough not to think about my shoes AT ALL. The mesh upper is allowing air to flow through, but is still stable enough to keep my feet in place. As written on SKORA’s site it offers “support and flexibility where you need it, thanks to a dynamic 3D-printed support pattern and internal archband” and this is nothing but the truth – it is a pretty amazing feature of this model.

SKORA Fit Sock-less

Since I first started running in SKORA’s shoes I have spent quite some of time running without socks, and it has been great – not too sweaty and always blister free! But I have to say, that with the Fit running sock-less is just AMAZING! The material feels so light, and with the breathability of the material I am not even slightly worried about my sweaty, warm feet getting hot spots and/or blisters. In fact, I have yet to run in this model WITH socks. I just haven’t had a reason to do so, because I love the feel and fit of these shoes so much! 

One thing that I have loved about my previous SKORA running shoes is the asymmetrical lacing system. I don’t know about you, but I remember having to stop while doing my long runs in a traditional shoe (before switching over to SKORA), just to adjust laces because of incredibly bad pain on the top of my feet and/or due to my foot not getting enough blood causing my feet to “fall asleep”. This have not happened once in my SKORA’s with the asymmetrical lacing – the way the lacing is placed on my feet makes it easy to tighten the shoe enough without putting too much pressure on the top of my feet. I LOVE this feature and am so glad this is something SKORA is keeping around for their shoe models as it really makes a great difference in the long run (literally) for me.

As you might be able to tell, I am very impressed with this shoe. It gives me so many reasons to smile!

The highlights:

  • Absolutely AMAZING upper material!
  • The price! $99.95 for a great performing and well designed running shoe?! That is a steal in my opinion!
  • The 16mm stack height gives a bit more protection without taking away ground feel and, more importantly, the benefits of running REAL – like nature intended me (and you) to run.
  • The look of the shoe is just great!
  • Asymmetrical lacing. I love it!
  • Width. There is enough space for the front of the foot to splay and do it’s thing while running.

..Nah, who am I trying to kid here? This running shoe is amazing! As I sat down to write this review I was thinking about possible cons, but I really can’t think of any?! In my opinion this shoe would be a GREAT pick for any runner who might be considering a transition to zero drop, but also for the zero drop runner who is looking for a little bit more protection for long runs etc.


Fact: I have been running all my miles in these shoes since the day they arrived. If you know me, you know that this says A LOT since I am madly in love with my other SKORA’s too.

Yup, this is definitely a love story!


SKORA Fit is available at, so if you are craving this shoe make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to get them on your feet ASAP! I will warn you though, you might just fall madly in love..

If you have questions about FIT or any other of their shoes, feel free to send me an email (via Contact or to evelinruns[at]gmail[dot]com) or reach out to me on TwitterFacebook or Google+ – I am more than happy to answer your questions or help out in any other way!



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