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After running in SKORA Running shoes for about 18 months I had tried all models except the one, so I decided to finally give in and buy the loved-by-many but new-to-me model – CORE. I have now had the shoes for a while and figured I would give you my thoughts on them in this SKORA Core Review:

SKORA Core Review

Quick facts from SKORA Running:
  • REALFIT™ last
  • Pittards® goatskin leather upper
  • Agion® antimicrobial mesh lining
  • Asymmetric lacing
  • No-tongue design
  • Anti-slip heel cup
  • Reflective details
  • IBR outsole
  • High abrasion rubber metatarsal pad
  • 0mm heel-to-toe differential
  • 11mm forefoot/11mm heel stack height

As with all other SKORA’s models they stick to the natural approach to running – Real Running – and provide us with well designed zero drop shoes made with the purpose to let us move naturally, just like our bodies are intended to.

So what are my thoughts about these shoes?

  • Amazingly comfortable from day one. No breaking in necessary. (Except if you are transitioning to zero drop/minimalist running, then I’d suggest taking your time making sure your body gets adjusted well to the new type of shoe – read more here)
  • Width. The shoe offers a roomy fit and more than enough space for my feet and their natural movement. This being said, I still don’t have to deal with sliding around – my foot is held in place great over and around the ankle.
  • The padding around the heel (see photo above) makes the fit and feel even more AMAZING to me. I like less padded shoes too, but some days when I wear the Core I just feel like they’re hugging my foot in such a nice comfy way. This feature could help runners who have problems with rubbing on the heel/achilles.
  • Asymmetric lacing! This is one of the first features that SKORA ‘won me over’ with. I don’t know about you, but pre-SKORA I had a hard time finding a perfect and pain free way of lacing my running shoes up – with SKORA entering my life my struggles were over. I can’t think of a single run where I’ve had problems with lacing too hard, pressure on top of my foot and/or my feet ‘falling asleep’?!
  • With the 11mm stack height (distance between the ground and the sole of your foot/thickness of the sole including insole) this shoe model offers a great ground feel without feeling like ‘nothing’. I love how they make me feel like one with the ground! I admit that sometimes these shoes make me feel like a relentlessly forward-moving ninja (except I could never remain unnoticed in these shoes, see below)!
SKORA Core Review Reflective
  • Yup. Another big pro with SKORA Core is the reflective detailing of the shoes (in fact, SKORA does a great job with this on all their models, with the (discontinued) Phase-X being the king of reflectiveness). There is no way you won’t be seen in these shoes, which of course is very important since most of us runners are forced to spend some time running during dark/semi-dark hours. (Be safe friends!)
  • One thing that is consistent with SKORA is the quality of their shoes. I have put X amount of miles on my SKORAs, and I have yet to retire any of them – some people have put more than 1000mi on their SKORAs without being close to retiring them, I have over 800mi on one of my pairs and they’re not even close to retirement. (Keep in mind that this differs from runner to runner depending on your running form and what surface you run on, so no guarantees. But you WILL be able to put many lovely miles on your pair.)

 All in all: I REALLY wonder why it took me SO long to order this model? Since I got the Cores, it has been my most used SKORA model together with the ever so lovely Fits.

The short version: With this shoe, just like with their other models, SKORA has once again done it for me! It offers a great fit and feel, nice ground feel and great visibility for early morning/night running. I love it!

If this SKORA Core review left you intrigued, don’t hesitate to check the shoes out here. And if you want to read more about the different models, you are more than welcome to start by check out my SKORA Fit Review (yes, another shoe that I fell madly in love with) – a bit “more” of a shoe than the Core, still offering great ground feel and perfect for the seasoned zero drop runner, cross training or the runner who wants to transition to zero drop running.

Definitely check SKORA’s website out for more information on the other models – Phase and Form. SKORA also has a blog where they share helpful tips and great articles about running. Check it out!

As always, I am more than happy to help you out by answering any questions you might have – just shoot me an email or contact me through Twitter.

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