Running Naked

I recently spent quite a while being sick. Being sick really sucks, but when it keeps you from running.. Well, then it suck even more! Once I felt well enough to get out running again I decided to leave all electronics behind and go “naked”. While out running I started thinking about how rarely I actually do this, and that I should do it more often because it actually makes me feel pretty great every time I do it. Of course, when training for a race or when I have hill repeats, tempo runs etc scheduled this doesn’t really work, but as of lately I am mostly “just” running (with some fun fartleks, hill repeats and other workouts thrown in there of
course) and I definitely have time to go “naked” more often.

My pros of running naked:

  • Let go of all pressure to go a certain pace, distance or time
  • Be “in the moment” while running, without peeking at the pace etc (I admit I keep looking down at my wrist over and over again though)
  • Listen to your body and let it take you however far or fast it wants to take you
  • More energy/time to focus on the body.. How does the form feel, breathing technique working properly, arm swing functioning as it should etc.
  • Lighter body! I know, it’s just a watch and/or phone missing, but I always feel miraculously lighter when I go “naked”. Probably just in my head?!

My cons of running naked:

  • No control over pace. I can’t always trust myself to keep my pace down, therefore risking to hit the wall
  • No “proper” stats to put into my excel document!
  • Missing out on the chance to see that 7.45mi and think “Why stop now when I can make it 8mi even?”

Thinking about it I personally can come up with more pros than cons when it comes to the naked running, but I have to say that those few cons are pretty big ones. I LOVE putting my stats in my Excel file after every run I do.. Love it. I do need to keep an eye on my pace not to burn myself out still, hoping to get better at this without a watch as a reminder sometime in the future.

Let’s talk about this!

Do you ever run “naked”?

What electronics/apps do you use to track your runs?

What are your pros and cons when it comes to running without a tracking device?

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