Guest Post: Running My Life – Like a Prez

This is one of my favorite blogs, and I was delighted when Evelin (one of my favorite people I’ve never met) asked me to write a guest post for it. Thank you, Evelin! You are one of the sweetest, most genuine and lovely people. I hope someday I get to actually meet you in person.

Not only am I kind of a big deal (as I so modestly proclaim on the About Me page of my blog), I also kind of run the country (sorry, Mr. President). Or rather, I did run this country in 2013. I am stepping down now. I must say running a country is exhausting. I always wanted to be Queen. It was my dream occupation as a child, but now I think I’m ready to stop running a country and just try to run my own life. Here is a brief history of my year as Queen.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Leetra, mother of Isla (4) and Aliana (2) and writer of Running My Life. I am also girlfriend to Scott who is Daddy to Isla and Aliana. Got it? For part of 2011 and most of 2012, Scott’s job kept him on the road, leaving three girls at home in Florida missing him. So in 2013, we made some changes, and went with him. We were on the road, living in hotels, switching cities sometimes every week… sometimes we would really settle in and stay for almost a month. We lived in 15 different states and passed through many more. When I tell people about life on the road, the reactions vary from shock and horror at the thought of living in hotels with two little ones to jealousy over the idea of traveling the country. It was neither as dreadful as some imagined nor as amazing as others thought. It was just life. Ups… Downs… Life.

The Ups

We were lucky enough to see some beautiful parts of the country. One of the most amazing places I’ve ever been is the Oregon Coast. Those rocky majestic beaches are unlike anything I had ever seen before. Words cannot describe the beauty. IMG_5666

Another perk was finding some beautiful running trails. When we stayed in Rochester, MN, I had the opportunity to run on the Douglas Trail every day. Miles and miles of paved trails through woodlands and parks. What a perfect place for runners, bicyclists and everyone who enjoys nature!


And of course the most important benefit of family travel, is the family part. We were together.

IMG_4430 We had some good times all across the country and we got to be with Scott. One particularly fun day in Augusta GA, Scott rode a rented bike pulling the girls while I ran the canal trail. It was the best!

The Downs

Hotel life… sure it has its benefits (housekeeping and room service), but it can be hard with two small children. We had no schedule. Every time we moved, we had a day of being homeless because hotels always kick you out earlier than they let you in. That would be fine if it was just me, but with the girls, it was hard. Being in one little room (or one big one if we were lucky) and being stuck there if the weather wasn’t great… that was not my favorite. Oh and I wanted a kitchen! I don’t cook every day, but a year without a kitchen had me longing to make my own food.

Loneliness… I missed my friends and family.

Sleep (or the lack thereof)… New places, new beds, new sounds, it was a constant struggle getting the girls to sleep, and I was always tired. Also by the end of a year on the road the girls were pretty used to sleeping in my bed and usually on top of me… not conducive to restful nights (at least not for me).

Ups and Downs, there was one thing that kept me going through 2013. Running. We ran everywhere. I brought my beloved Bob jogging stroller, and where we could run, we did. It was an awesome way for the girls and me to see each new place we stayed. It was also what kept me sane. I ran in 15 (maybe more) states. Like I said, I ran this country. I loved it! Each new place brought a new running adventure. Some more fun than others. But by the end of 2013, I was ready to click my Skora Running Shoe’s heels together.


Love my Skoras! Thank you, Evelin!

And say “There’s no place like home!”

Now that I am done running this country (like a prez.), there is one more place I’d like to run this year. I would love to run in Hawaii! There isn’t much chance that Scott’s work will take us to Hawaii, but a girl can dream!


Thank you so much Leetra! You know I am (im)patiently waiting for you and your girls (Scott is welcome too of course!) to come and dress up like princesses.. I mean.. Running with me in Hawaii. We WILL meet one glorious day! 

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