Running In Rain

The run got a little bit delayed because I realized that Gametiime‘s #RaceChat was happening. In case you’re on twitter – come join us and chat about all things running and races every Wednesday at 5pm PST.
As the chat was wrapping out I walked out the door prepared for a hot, humid and sunny run only to realize it wasn’t just SUNNY, it was also RAINING! I couldn’t believe my eyes?! I happily skipped out to the sidewalk, humming on a Morrissey song and dancing in the light drizzly and sunny rain while waiting for the Garmin to find satellites. Sometimes it feels like that procedure takes FOREVER, especially on a day like yesterday when my whole body is screaming for a lovely rainy run!
  I love Running in RAIN
Yes, I really love running in rain.
Lucky me!
The rain kept on coming and I got to run through the rain. I ran strong, fast and with a huge smile on my face. I ran happy. I passed some people hiding from the rain under trees or umbrellas and they all looked at me like if I was insane (maybe I am, but let’s say it’s in a good way?), but they did still return my smile and some of them cheered me on. One man that was hurrying to get his family packed into the car after what seemed to be an interrupted picnic, shook his head and laughed at me.. I shouted “I LOVE it!” as I ran past him getting the answer “I can tell you do girl, don’t ever stop!”.
That run turned into a way faster and slightly longer run than planned, but it was all worth it as I ran, like I promised you, with heart. With a love for running and life so huge it even turned the cold, wet rained-on faces out there into happy smiley faces.
I got home, rolled my yoga mat out, shed a few happy tears and let out a big sigh. And then Oscar and I played, cuddled and wrestled while I was trying to get my yoga done. Just like any other day. But not.
Rain means SMILES and a messy hair

THIS my friends, is one of my absolute favorite ways to embrace life and live it to the fullest!

Does it rain a lot where you live?
Do you love/hate running in rain? Why?
When did you last have a HAPPY run?