Running Day

Yesterday was National Running Day, which I’m certain no runner in this country could’ve missed? There were lots going on and us runner must love that. An extra excuse to run? Yes please! I did a lot of thinking yesterday (spent most of the day in a car driving to Kona and back) and there’s  so much I have to say about running. But for now I’ll keep it short.

I run..


to be a better me

to be free

to be happy

to stay focused

to stay sane

to challenge myself

for myself and my loved ones

to be healthy

because it makes me feel like I am flying

to get a break

because it is fun

because I am a runner

because I LOVE it!

I think that list could go on and on and on. That’s how big my passion is! Running entering my life made me start to really love my life and, more importantly, myself. The way running have made me see and appreciate my strengths I’m forever grateful for. I am lucky I can run and I will forever remember this and keep going. Keep loving every second of it.

This is what freedom, happiness and joy looks like.

This is what freedom, happiness and joy looks like.

I ran on National Running Day. Not just because it said so on my training plan, and really not just because it was National Running Day, but because I love it. I went out there yesterday morning, June 5th, and ran relaxed, easy and with a big smile on my face. I celebrated running, just like I do every time I head out there. Every time I lace up my shoes, with butterflies in my belly, getting ready for my run I feel free and happy. That is worth celebrating every single day and that’s what I will keep on doing.