Running Blogger Survey

I was “nominated” by Forks to Feet to do this Running Blogger Survey thingy, and I’m thinking why not?! This is how it works: “You answer the questions presented to you, then create your own questions, tag some of your favorite bloggers, and ask them to keep it going.”. These are the questions that Brandon over at Forks to Feet provided me with, and here’s my answers:

 1. How has blogging impacted your life (meeting people, learning new things, etc.)? 

When I first started this blog I didn’t have any thoughts about the future at all. I was mostly starting it to have a place to write about my new love – running. You know how your partner, if not a runner, can get tired of listening to you going on and on and ON about running.. Yeah, that. That was my main reason to start this blog. As time went by though, I realized that this blog meant a lot to me. Connecting with other runners through my blog and twitter have been wonderful – very inspiring and motivating in both good times and in bad. I’m grateful for my followers – thanks to you I’ve had many good times, been uplifted when down, and motivated when not feeling it at all. So, thank you friends! I can only hope I can give you at least some of it back, because you are all worth it.

 2. What was the most memorable comment you ever received on a blog post?

There has been so many supportive, inspiring and motivating comments left on my blog, which I love. But one blogpost that I had a problem finding the courage to post was the one about my depression, The Story of My Darkness, in which I opened up way more to my readers than what I had before. The comments on that post were full of love and hope and this one meant a lot to me after braving it and letting my readers get to know me a little bit better:


 3. What are some of your favorite foods you use to fuel for your runs?

Anything plant based. Some of my favorites though: banana with nut butter (or just nut butter straight up, with a spoon) and green smoothies packed with kale, spinach, spirulina etc. Yum!

 4. Who is your running hero (could be living or dead)?

My dad. Have you heard that one before? Haha. If you have been following me for a while I am sure you have seen me mention what a great source of inspiration my dad is to me. How could he NOT be, after all he was the one who silently motivated me to start running?! I will forever be thankful for that (and him).

 5. Name five cities you want to run in before you die.

Cities huh? I can only think of a thousands National Parks I would love to run through, way harder to come up with cities for me. But I’ll give it a go…

Bangkok, Thailand – I’ve been there more times than I can count and since I started running I am regretting that I never went for a run while there. Well, I wasn’t even a runner when I visited the big city BKK.

Paris, France – I’ve been to Paris several times too but before I was a runner just like with BKK. I’d love to run anywhere in a crisp autumn Paris.

Reykjavik, Iceland – I haven’t been there (except for a few layover at the airport) but could definitely imagine myself running there. Love what I’ve seen of the architecture in that city and would be inspired by it while running.

Stockholm, Sweden – You can’t expect a homesick person not to mention their old hometown, which happens to be a really beautiful town can you? There are so many great running routes along the water, through beautiful parks and nice old neighborhoods… Ahh.

Istanbul, Turkey – When I visited Istanbul I just wanted to walk. Walk walk walk. This was before I started running, and I know that if I went back, I would just want to RUN run run.

I’m going to leave you all with 5 questions. Feel free to answer one (or more) of them in the comments below, or take them all and write a ‘Running Blogger Survey’ post on your blog.

1. What inspire you as a runner?

2. What made you decide to start running?

3. What are your three favorite pieces of running gear (clothes, watches, headbands, shoes etc)?

4. Where did you have your happiest running moments?

5. If you could go anywhere in the world to run a race – where would you go and what race would you run?

It’s almost Friday now (and already Friday in a lot of places), so I wish you all a very Happy Friday!