A Run Through the Good Old Tunnel

A Quick Update

Fear not my friends, I am alive! Although I really am terrible at updating the blog, twitter etc as of lately.. Shame on me?! Just popping in here for a quick update to let you know I still exist. Kinda. 

I have been overseas, or home like I would still choose to call it, since May 14th now. I have gone through some hellish times, but also spent some time in what I would call heaven. Like earlier today.

This morning my dad and I headed out for a run here in Luleå and it was pure bliss.

Love Running With Dad

Dad walking the short way to the trailhead this morning. We were (maybe just I, because dad said it was cold) pumped to get out running in the cool air!

Quick Update Running in Northern Sweden

#100HappyDays June 22nd

Run 48F

Not Hawaii, and I’m loving it!

While I haven’t been writing blogposts, tweeting and instagramming I have been busy enjoying spending time with my family, often not connected to any internet whatsoever (except a rather crappy 3G cell connection on my old iPhone without apps), dealing with grief, but also a lot of happiness, lovely cool running, strawberries, Swedish summer and on and on and on..

I have many photos (a lot of them pretty crappy due to the above mentioned old iPhone camera which leaves much to wish for when it comes to picture quality), and many adventures and thoughts to share with you. As soon as possible.

I will be back! Promise!