Out With the Old, In With the New

It’s the start of a new year (ok, the new year has been going on for a while already)and both the blogosphere and twitterverse are full of New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2014. I thought I would start with a little recap of 2013 before I go on to sharing what I will focus on during the new year.


2013 turned out to be one of the most challenging years of my life. Not only did we move 3 times during this year, but I also struggled with injuries, lack of running motivation and a lot of stress in my personal life. I started the year being full of motivation, loving myself and seeing a bright future in front of me but somewhere along the line I lost it all and, sadly, I ended the year with very little love for myself and life in general.
I have faced fear. Fear of losing loved ones, fear of not being capable of living a “normal” life and fear of my depression and anxiety coming back with full force. I have struggled with loneliness and the feeling of being completely cut off from life, countless hours alone out in the jungle made me wonder if I even existed?

We finally, the week before Christmas moved to town and left life off the grid in the jungle (more commonly called the countryside) behind us. This change was so necessary for me to be able to get back to normal. Being surrounded by people – alone but not lonely – has already started to make a difference in the way I see myself, but I have a long way to go before I am back where I started 2013. The challenges 2013 brought have taught me a lot about patience, perseverance and love. My husband and I have struggled with health and lack of happiness as a result of the stressful events the year put us through. We are now through the worst stretch and are starting to look forward – to get back to the happy, healthy and motivated people we normally are.

Some events in 2013 – some of them happy, some of them hard, but all of them a part of life:

All in all, like mentioned earlier, a challenging year but not all bad. Due to poor decisions we brought most of these said challenges to our life, and I/we have learned a lot from it. Running and the running community online has throughout this whole year brought me so much inspiration, happiness, comfort and support – that is one of the things I take with me into the new year. I don’t think any of you can understand just how much each and every one you have meant to me, and I am so thankful for you.

Thankful For SKORA


What this new year will bring is still unknown, but I have a few things I am going to focus on to be able to make this year a good, no GREAT, one. Here goes:

Mauna Kea, my love

See the beauty around me & be THANKFUL

I immigrated to the US 2012. I had NO IDEA how hard it would be to be away from my family and friends, but also my HOME. It has been a very challenging period in my life and I am still struggling with adjusting to the fact that I am so so far away from my loved ones. Unfortunately my homesickness has had me neglecting what I have around me, here and now. I know many of you see Hawaii as “paradise”.. Well, it isn’t my paradise because my paradise is where my family is. This is something I need to work on. When times get rough, when that homesickness is eating me alive, I am going to get better with looking around me and be thankful for what I have. I might be far away from home, but that doesn’t mean life can’t be good, or even wonderful! I have a loving husband, a family who loves and supports me all the time (even though they might not be happy about my decision to move to the other side of the globe) and I am surrounded by beauty. If that isn’t something to be thankful for, then I don’t know.. Shape up Evelin, see the beauty and know that what you have around you is a gift.

I'm going to RTY

Run This Year
I didn’t join in on Run this Year last year due to injury and the fact that I felt I was still a “newbie”. This year I am aiming at running 2014km (2014mi would be amazing, but I’m not quite there yet). Read more about Run This Year and join in if you feel like it, it’s a great way to share and get motivation/inspiration from the wonderful running community out there.


Just for the fun of it, or to PR, doesn’t matter. Just race when possible, and make the best out of it there and then.



Thinking back at 2013 and all the physical and most importantly emotional stress, there’s one thing I know I should’ve been better at. That is to take a moment to LET GO, relax and just breathe. I promise myself to get better at this during 2014. I will do this by putting phone/computer away and take a moment to just be. This can be done at home, during a yoga session, a run or a walk. But I feel it’s important for me to find a way to really let go of everything and just be with myself, in the moment, without having other things distract me.

Do more of what you love

Stress is a killer, we are all aware of how it can destroy our days, our sleep and/or our mood. But it can also get in the way of love. Self love and/or love for others. I am determined to make one of my goals this year to love more. Myself, my life, C and our families and friends. But I also want to do what the photo above says – do more of what I love. Love more & do what I love. Because what is life without love, really?!

How We Roll

Staying active means time on the foam roller will happen too. We loves it!

Stay active

Running, and staying active in general, is such a great (the best really) medicine for my mind. Therefore I will focus on getting my blood pumping daily, through running, walking, yoga, strength exercise – doesn’t matter, as long as I do something. Of course, running will continue to be my main activity (because duh! I love it) but I am going to incorporate more strength and yoga into my weeks. Not only will it keep me happy, but it will also help in training for races and completing races. Two flies in one stroke!

Food stuffs

Eat healthy

Since my change to a plant based diet I have been feeling a lot better physically. Not only has my bloating gone away (which is such a relief!) but I feel lighter and my annoying sensitive skin has gotten better . I want to keep focusing on eating healthy whole foods, as I see that as the “only” way to go for a happy and healthy body personally. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains have become, and will continue to be, staples in our kitchen. Another important thing that I always try to do a good job with is hydration. Water, water, water – there’s really nothing like it (ok, maybe coffee…). Yum!


As you can see I am not really setting any specific goals in this post, I personally prefer to keep setting goals throughout the year instead. If there was one goal I would mention here, it would be “Be HAPPY!”, but obviously that kind of shines through in the above list.

I will share some more specific goals with you as the year goes along and keep you updated on those throughout the year. But with the above things to focus on I feel I am doing what I personally need in the start of the year. They are more like reminders/pointers as to what I have been lacking in life and what I need to change/keep working on to make this year a better one than last year.

In with the new

Ok here I come 2014 – out with the old, in with the new!


Do you have any resolutions/goals for 2014?

Did you write a blogpost about it? Feel free to share the link! I look forward to see what you are up to this year!