Old School Blogging

I came across this Old School Blogging post over at Christine’s blog Love Life Surf and I decided to get onboard and link up with her, Elaine from Miss Elaineous Life and Brittany from That’s Vandy (plus many others). I know I really enjoy learning more about you all , so maybe you’ll find this at least a bit interesting (or maybe it will just help you kill some time?). Feel free to join in too as I’d love to read your answers – link up with Elaine and Brittany and tweet them at @elainea and @BrittanyVandy using #OSBlog!

Where is your cell phone? Pretty much always close by, in my hand or in a pocket. Right now next to the computer.

Your significant other? Colin. That guy I met on a beach, fell madly in love with and now is the reason I live in the US.

Your hair? A blonde “hot” mess.

Your mother? My rock.

Your father? My idol.

Your favorite thing? Running is a “thing”, right?

Your dream last night? Don’t really remember, but I usually (day) dream about coffee and/or running.

Your favorite drink? Iced coffee with almond/coconut milk, not a day passes by without me having at least one giant cup of that (who am I trying to kid, at least three cups).

Your dream/goal? At least one marathon together with my dad. Well, and there’s of course a few other things I dream about or aim for in life.

The Room I Am In The room you are in? Above picture is a shameless Photo Booth pic from just now. I’m sitting in a very aloha style couch at a cafe in Hilo. Drinking iced coffee with almond milk – what else?!

Your fear? Losing my loved ones without being able to hug them before they go. Also, going down stair cases or very steep hills – I’m convinced this is where I’m going to die.

Where do you want to be in six years? In a house that we own, in a place with real seasons.

Where were you last night? In our living room, right under the ceiling fan with a cat by my side.

What are you not? American.

Muffins? I could go for one right now. A pumpkin one sounds pretty awesome.

One of your wish list items? SKORA Running Phase-X… Craving them so bad.

Where you grew up? Sweden/Norway.

The last thing you did? Had a sip of coffee.

What are you wearing? Too many layers.

Your TV? Is pretty much only a big screen used for movies/TV shows played from the computer. No cable.

Oscar the dude  Your pets? Two left behind cats in Sweden (they are both living with my family now). One cat here in Hawaii, Oscar (pictured above). He was a feral who decided he wanted to be ours, and how could I not accept that?!

Your computer? A MacBook Air which is pretty much always on.

Your life? A mess at the moment.

Your mood? Confused and smiley.

Missing someone? Uh, YES. My family and friends back home in Norway and Sweden.

Your Car? I have no car and no drivers license and I’m pretty happy about it!

Something you are not wearing? Jeans.

Favorite store? SKORA Running and Oiselle. Non running related – Whole Foods for foods. And Monki for clothes.

Your summer? It’s always summer in Hawaii?!

Like someone? YOU!

Your favorite color? All of them!

Last time you laughed? A few minutes ago during a Facebook conversation with a friend. Had to keep it quiet though not to scare the other peeps here at the cafe.

Last time you cried? A few days ago.

What is one thing on your To-Do list? The most important task on my To-Do list is finding a new place for us to move to. ASAP.



If you feel like it – answer any of the above questions, or copy them all and post your own Old School Blogging blogpost on your blog?

Let me know if you decide to join?