October Week 2 – A summary

Half of October has already passed?! Time sure is flying by.. totally fine with me though – I can’t wait to go to Seattle Oct 25th and then finally get my love back with me second week of November after two months apart. (It should be against the law to be apart that long as newlyweds, right?!)

I’m still working on my October Goals and I actually think that I’m doing pretty good. One thing that I definitely will include in my November Goals is fueling. Lately I’ve been suffering from having no appetite and it doesn’t go well together with running/exercising like I do now. Change is necessary! But I’ll talk more about that later, focusing on October now:


1. Plank A Day

I did miss out on one day this week too. Shame on me! But in my defense my neighbor suddenly invited me to dinner and I stayed over there until I was so tired I barely managed to walk back home. I don’t really like excuses, but there you go.   

2. Upping my mileage

The goal to run 16+K/week was reached Friday and with my run today I got up to 27.8K for this week. Had some problems with my knees but it’s not going to stop me. I’m just focusing more on stretching/rolling to get a handle on this problem. Thinking that my shoes are contributing to the knee pain too, but the plan is to keep running in the Asics until I get to Seattle and can visit a proper running store to get some help finding good shoes.

3. Yoga 2 times/week

This week I’ve actually been doing yoga three times. At home, by myself in front of a mirror to keep track on my body. Still so new with the yoga, I can’t really be sure I’m holding the poses right. But I’m getting there. And the yoga really makes me feel great!

4. Foam Roll

We’ve had three pretty long dates, me and the roll, and I only cried once.

Q: Do you have any goals for the month of October? Did you have a good week? Do you do yoga at home – if so, do you have any recommended yoga videos/links for me?