October Week 1 – A summary

The first week of October is coming to an end. I must say it’s been a good start of the month. Earlier this week I set up my October Goals and I’m thinking I’ll do a follow up on it.

1. Plank A Day

I’ve been doing good. On Saturday I only did a short straight plank (I was totally exhausted after my day in town Friday) but otherwise I’ve been getting both straight and side planks done every day.

2. Upping my mileage

I got 19,6K running (+ 5,8K walking) in this week and that means I totally got this goal covered for the week. And my last two runs were totally pain free too, which made me so happy! Bring on the next week so that I can keep on going with this goal! Thinking of me wanting to run a Half Marathon this coming spring it’s definitely time for me to add on some K’s now.

3. Yoga 2 times/week

Check. One time in class and one on my own at home. My biggest problem with my body is that I have a really weak back and shoulders and the yoga seems to really help me out with this thinking of my sore muscles the day after doing yoga. Great!

4. Foam Roll

I wish I could say that I did better with this goal. I’ve only rolled 3 times this week and I should really try to get it done more often, so that’s something to work with coming week.


Q: Do you have any goals for the month of October? How’s the first week of this month been for you?