November Goals – Summary Week 2

Last week was a lot of ups and downs and I can definitely say that I did a BAD job with the goals I’ve set up. But it leaves me even more motivated to do good this third week of November, so I’m not going to give myself too much crap about missing out on my goals for a week.


1. #plankAday

Except for the days when I was down with migraines and fever I’ve been going strong on the planks. Had two days last week when I did one plank/hour and I could definitely feel the burn when it was time for bed those days. I guess we can say all those planks make up for the ones I missed during Thursday-Saturday.


2. Limit my intake of carbs

So this worked out fine until I realized that with my running I actually need to get me some carbs – I just have to make sure I stick to the good ones and that’s pretty easy.


3. Drink more water

Well, as always this is a challenge for me. But I’ve had a water bottle next to me during the days and it’s forced me to keep on drinking.


4. Run 4 times/week and add up to at least 20K per week

Last week I only ran two times. I just didn’t feel good enough to get my planned runs in and I feel like that just has to be OK. I ended the week with pushing myself and doing a race Saturday morning – The Mustache Dache! It was a 5K and even though I didn’t really think my body would be able to pull through with it I finished and I actually even ran that 5K faster than I ever have before. Finished with the time 27min25sec and thinking of the congested course and me starting far back in the crowd I am really happy with it! Now I know I can actually do the 5K faster.. Maybe during this coming weekend when I’m thinking of doing another one..?! (More on the Mustache Dache in a coming post!)

5. Stretch!

I keep sneaking in some yoga and stretching when watching TV/movies during the evenings with my friends here in Seattle. And I’ve been stretching¬†thoroughly¬†after my runs. I am missing my foam roll more and more and I can feel that I need to get back to it SOON.


6. Take more photos

Well, I was stuck in bed/at the house for a few days and to be honest the pictures I’ve been getting has been mostly of the dogs here in the house. They are adorable! Planning to get more photos from my runs and continue doing the “My Run In Pictures” posts..



Yes, a pretty crappy week when it comes to my goals huh?! But I’ll get better. And I guess sometimes you just got to listen to your body and try not to overdo things. I’m fine with it, and I feel better now so let’s make this third week of November pretty amazing?! Yes.