November Goals – Summary Week 1 1/2

I set some goals for the month of November and here comes a summary of how I’ve been doing so far.

1. #plankAday

Still going strong on my planks. It’s so easy to get them into the daily schedule and even if it has to wait until just before bedtime some days I get it done. Being at my friends house and having two dogs around sometimes makes it hard to perform (the dogs tend to be both on top of me and under me at the same time), but I choose see it as an extra¬†challenge!

2. Limit my intake of carbs

I’ve been doing pretty good with this, but I have to say that with the running it’s not really a biggie if I eat a little bit extra, I feel like I sometimes need the extra fuel it gives. But yeah, struggling with my sensitive stomach too and noticing days with less carbs are easier on my body.

3. Drink more water

I keep reminding myself to drink more but I make myself disappointed most days. Need to step it up and also need to find some electrolyte tabs that wont give my belly a hard time. Tried Nuun Active Hydration but that just didn’t work. If anyone out there has any suggestions for me – bring them on! And thinking of it, I will have a big zip of water RIGHT NOW. Cheers!

4. Run 4 times/week and add up to at least 20K per week

This last week I was waking up to Sunday with only 15K done and a terrible headache plus a shitty mood. I just couldn’t get myself to go out running in the morning, but as the day went by I realized that probably my only solution to the cranky mood and the headache would be to just get out and do an easy 5K run. So I went out, and as I ran I kept feeling better and better and I ended up doing a wonderful 11,6K in pouring rain and it left me feeling like a brand new person! The total of the first 11 days of november came up 37,5K.

5. Stretch!

Oh yes, I’ve been stretching plus doing yoga (also having the dogs all over me doing my yoga, but it just makes me smile even if it might be a little bit harder to hold the poses). I do miss having my foam roll around though, I feel I can’t really get my muscles as happy without it. Keeping up with stretching and doing yoga, for sure.

6. Take more photos

Well, some days I’ve been taking more than others. And I have to say that staying here in Seattle I don’t really stay super busy and don’t really see too much exciting except for during my runs when I tend to enjoy everything around me a lot more. Have been doing the “My run in pictures” blogposts (see here, here and here) and even if I might not get the greatest shots while running (am too focused to be able to stop and pull the phone out most of the times) it makes me happy being able to go back and see my runs.



Q: Do you have any goals for the month of November? How’s the month treating you so far? Are you still enjoying beautiful fall or has it turned into winter? Or maybe summer?