(Not so) New: A Move, A Job and A Race

Oh wow. Time flies by when you are having fun?! I’ve heard it mentioned before, but this time I actually believe it! Over two months have passed since C, Oscar and I arrived to the beautiful city of Seattle! I have been busy. Very busy. In a good way.

Now when I finally found some time (and energy) to sit down and actually visit my own blog – I have some very exciting news to share with you all..

I, somewhat unexpectedly, got a job. Like a few days after getting to WA.

As always when starting a new job, it takes a while to settle in and get going with the new routines etc. Well on top of starting a new job my husband and I were, more or less desperately, looking for a place to live..

However, we now have a home!

Sunday - Home

We were staying with our friends and their two dogs which was absolutely great, but both of us were craving a home of our own. Phew! I knew that it can be hard to find a place to rent in cities, but man.. It took a while, and as we got more desperate I admit that hope kind of ran out of me. Luckily, a few weeks ago we finally found a place, signed the lease and moved in! We are slowly but surely gathering furnitures, art and memories to fill this space with and I admit I am loving it. A lot.

..And I have a race to train for!

While my running isn’t exactly where I want it to be since my energy (and time) is spent on other things, I have big news.. I will be running the mother of all relay races – Hood To Coast –  with Nuun in August! How AWESOME is that?! This race has been one of my bucket list races since the first year I called myself a runner and I cannot believe it will actually happen so soon! Can’t wait to meet my fellow nuunies and run with them. Can. Not. Wait!