I Need Your Help!

I keep doing other things than writing blogposts… Like bicycling, running, visiting the market and eating too much avocado (Just kidding, there can never be “too much” avocado.. DUH!).


Since Valentine’s Day is coming closer and two of my favorite Valentine’s will ALWAYS be my brothers I have a favor to ask of you, my friends. Hence, the “I Need Your Help”…

My brother is pretty fly.. Photo by my younger brother, Sondre.

My brother is pretty fly.. Photo by my younger brother, Sondre.

You see, my brothers are passionate skateboarders – they live and breathe skateboarding just as you and I live and breathe running. The older one of my brothers (18 years old) have been nominated to an award as “Best Newbie” in the Swedish National Skateboard Gala and I SO want him to have a chance at winning. To do so, he needs our help. Every little vote we can give him will be greatly appreciated as this recognition means a lot to my brother. And yeah, I am a PROUD big sister, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is one AWESOME skateboarder. Amandus, my brother, is spreading love and joy through skateboarding – he is skateboarding with heart and having A LOT OF FUN, all with focus on cross training and staying as healthy as possible on the way. To him, skateboarding is life and he is even attending a skateboarding program in High School. I’m in awe! Did I mention I’m very proud too?!

Will YOU help me help my brother?! It would mean THE WORLD to me. And it is easy, I will even walk you through the steps:

Go to http:www.svenskaskateboardgalan.se and you will see something like this:

Vote 1

Yep, it’s all in Swedish..

Click the heart and you will find this:


Yup, everything’s still in Swedish..

Under “DC Shoes Årets nykompling”, you will find the name Amandus Mortensen. Make sure to pick him, he’s awesome! After that, in the lower right corner – enter your Name (“Namn” in Swedish) and Email (“Epost” in Swedish) and submit your vote by clicking the button that says “Skicka min röst!” (Send my vote).

That’s it. Pretty easy breezy huh? And you know what? If you feel like voting for your husband, wife, children etc, or share it (or this post) with your friends  – GO FOR IT! I will be forever grateful for your help.

Thank you from the bottom of not only my heart, but also my brothers’ and my parents’. We are so so proud of this “little” (he’s a lot taller than me after all) guy!