My Running Lately

I’ve felt so good with my running lately! I’m still far from where I was in December/January (I PR’d in a 5k race December 30th – 25:46, which I’m pretty darn proud of since I had only been running for about 7 months at that time) but things are really moving forward. I know that I was supposed to take it easy coming back from my injury, but I think my fear of getting re-injured was holding me back. Was I taking it too easy? Pretty sure I did.

When coach Mark from Teach To Run contacted me offering a month of help with my running I suddenly got that push I needed to move on. To stop fearing injury and actually push a little bit. I’m still concerned and trying to be smart with my running, but I feel like I’ve found that courage I needed to get back out there for real. That extra motivation and trust in myself, that I will get somewhere and that me getting somewhere, moving forward, with my running isn’t equal to me getting injured again.

I ran 29 miles in April. This is about half of what I did monthly before the injury, and I could definitely be bummed about it, but I’m staying positive and thinking of the fact that I wasn’t able to run at all during January and most of February. As for May.. So far I’ve been running just over 19 miles and I know that the total for the month will be higher than April’s. Yay me! When it comes to pace I went from an average of 9:50 min/mile in December to probably a minute slower for the month of April (can’t seem to find my ANT+ stick for the Garmin hence no proper stats for the time being). It can only get better, and it will. Trust me.


Speaking of my running lately.. I was sent the link to the article “Running On Air: Breathing Technique” posted on Runner’s World and it right away caught my interest. One of my fellow running tweeps heard I had been injured and before he knew what the injury was he wrote “Left side injury, right?” and yes, he was so right. He then sent me the link and I got his point. I’ve been incorporating this breathing technique (3 in, 2 out) and as I struggled a bit in the start the more I get used to it, the better I feel when running. I’m not getting as out of breath as I used to, not even when pushing harder. I know, this might be a total placebo, but since I started running I’ve had somewhat a problem with breathing comfortably and this sure helps.

Q: Are you aware of your breathing when running? Do you use any kind of breathing technique when you’re running?