Moving on

It will have been just under 13 months since I arrived in Washington next Thursday when I board my flight to Alaska. Yeah, you read that right. I’m totally heading to Alaska!

Alaska, 2016

View from our deck-to-be, and most likely the place where I will be doing my daily yoga practice. How lucky am I?!

We will ‘only’ be spending about 5 months up there, but I really couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to explore a new-to-me part of Alaska. I’ve spent some time in Southeast Alaska before, but the interior is where we’re heading this time around. This really warms my heart, as the area where we’ll be (just next doors to Denali National Park) reminds me a lot of HOME, and I am incredibly excited to explore.

We’re leaving the apartment in the city for a cabin in the woods – how amazing is that? Yeah, I’ve lived in a city like Seattle for most of my adult life and I am done. While I’m madly in love with Seattle and the Pacific Northwest in general I am not a city person. Not even a Seattle city person – I love wide open space, less crowds and definitely way less traffic/time spent in vehicles. So, it’ll be a welcome change for me personally.


I am at the moment trying to get through my incredibly long to-do list of prep and pack and cleaning and work and everything else without exploding. I mean, how do you even pack for 5 months in Alaska after not spending time that far North in.. A long long time?! I might pop in before the move with an update regarding that. Once thing is certain though, I will definitely pack my cat and my running shoes and bring a big big smile with me.

Yeah, this will be an EPIC adventure!