What Moves You?

The human race starts with a story.

You might remember that I mentioned this project/movement “What Moves You?” last fall and I thought I would share some updates on the project as things sure are moving along.

In case you haven’t heard about What Moves You? before: This is a movie telling the story of runners – a documentary by runners, for runners. What are our reasons and/or excuses to run? What gets us going and what keeps us going? What makes the running community so strong?

There are just as many stories out there as there are runners and for me personally, the more of these stories I hear, the more inspired I get. Runners are an amazing “breed” of people, no matter what our reasons/excuses are there is just something about us runners, don’t you think? Something strong and physically powerful but also something emotional, something.. Bigger.

Following five runners, including the born and raised Californian Olympic runner Sara Attar (who attended the London Olympics 2012, as one of the two first female athletes representing Saudi Arabia), this documentary will take us along as it uncovers the biological, emotional and social forces that get people out running. And keep on running..

What Moves You? A film for runners by runners from What Moves You? on Vimeo.

After watching this trailer from What Moves You?, how about connecting with the film makers, learn more and maybe even share your story? Find them and learn more about the documentary here:




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I can’t wait to see MORE of this as this trailer definitely gives me (the good kind of) goosebumps and makes me want to hug all runners NOW, and then RUN!


What moves YOU? 

What is your story?