Me and My Foam Roller – Part II

After my runs lately I’ve been using the foam roller. I’ve noticed that I tend to rather do crunches or something than get going with the roller, bur finally realizing that it’s for my own best I’m supposed to use it and I do.. But it hurts like HELL!

I’ve been crying (no joke) and screaming while letting the foam roller do it’s thing, especially to my ITB. I’ve had some problems with my knees since I started running distances over 8K and I’ve tried to be good with the stretches but it just haven’t really helped. It’s to early to say if the foam roller is doing me a lot of¬†favors, but I actually do feel better after using it after my runs.. Even though it makes me cry!


Q: Do you use a foam roller? Do you like it or even love it?